"Excellent and very caring childminder"

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Excellent and very caring childminder

Kate looked after our 2 boys from when our eldest was 1 yr until 4 yrs and our 2nd son was 1 yr until 3 yrs. We are very happy with the care she provided and it always felt like she really did care, rather than was just doing this as a job. We were very sad that moving house meant we had to leave and have yet to find the same quality of care.

Kate is very creative and was always making things with the boys and tying in what she was doing to the what was happening at the time (e.g. crafts about Spring or the queen’s jubilee or Father’s Day etc.)

She takes time to work with each child, finding activities that match their interests and stimulate them. In addition, Kate also organises activities outside the house for them, taking the children to the library, park or singing and music groups. They have a lot of contact with other children. Our boys went from being with Kate to going into a larger nursery and had no problems adapting.

When we were looking for childcare, outside space was really important to us. We really liked the way she had designed her garden, packing a lot into a small space and making it suitable for all weather. She made very good use of it so the children could always have some time outside and get involved with planting things as well as playing. My boys still miss her garden and keep asking if they can go back and visit.

Our youngest son was born with mild-moderate hearing loss and needs hearing aids. There were concerns that he may have speech problems as a result. However, Kate was amazing in adapting to his needs and he ended up being far more advanced in his speech and development than other children his age. This early years grounding has significantly minimised any future disability his hearing loss may have caused and really impressed his audiologist and hearing teachers. We give Kate a lot of credit for this.

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by Elaine M