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Nanny from Hell- book at your own risk


We had a horrible experience with Maddy Brown. I’m pretty sure now the other reviews are fake, or they just left their kids with her and who knows what she did with them. My baby is 10 months, was ill during our stay in London. All we needed was someone compassionate and competent to look after her for a few days. First Maddy reeked of cigarette smoke every single day, and I should have canceled with her from day one but she had so many good reviews, I thought I had to give her a chance. Maddy did not connect with our baby, and then proceeded to blame us as parents. She even blamed the child calling her spoiled, saying there’s something wrong with her - her pediatrician says our baby is normal. Maddy refused to listen to me about properly cleaning baby’s utensils and how to care for her. She even at one point put my crying 10 month old in a high chair and forbid me from picking her up and asked me to tell her to stop, and that I won’t pick her up. Of course I picked her up, poor baby, what kind of maniac does that? Through all of that she demanded to be paid and was threatening us when we finally came to our senses and asked her to leave.
She’s the nanny from hell and I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy.
I’d give 0 stars if I could. She will respond to this claiming she’s a single mother and blaming me, but please proceed with caution, do not believe a word she says.

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Response from Maddy

Well where do I start with this traumatic ordeal the actual worst experience of my 20+ year career.
Baby severely overweight crying unhappy, lethargic, bleary eyed, runny stools no interest in solids. 9 months old. dressed inappropriately, they didn’t bathe her once and only used 2 dirty baby grows the entire time.
Saw no feeding of solids or attempt to also mum took her off to didn’t witness it.
I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment.

They live in Dubai have a cook nanny & maid.
They have had 3 Nannies in 9 months.
I organised my childcare, logistics, travel & looked up activities.
They approached me to work.
Dad was aggressive and abusive.
Mum asked me about hiring a pram to be delivered along to accommodation with bath so flew without a pram??
I should’ve took this as a warning sign!
I went above and beyond to help this lady.
It is not up to me as a nanny to soothe your unwell crying child that I’ve never met before it’s up to you two as good parents and humans to hand over a happy healthy 9 month old.
I can back up every one of these reviews with photo and video evidence of happy children & parents.
All reviewers can be contacted by phone
I’m sorry you wouldn’t let me do my job and that your baby was unwell, unhappy & uncommunicative and hope you sought medical attention as was my advice.
I sincerely hope that she is a happier & healthier & developing better now.
I pity anyone that works for you and shudder to think of the treatment your staff in Dubai must endure on a daily basis, I suspect anyone dealing with you would need a month at the Betty Ford clinic not just a cheeky fag!
(I did not reek of cigarettes!)
All the best