"Highly recommended sleep consultant!"

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Highly recommended sleep consultant!

Where to start!?
We met Daria two years ago, she helped us with our first son. He wasn't a good sleeper since day one! Lot's of problems with reflux. We went through months and months of sleepless nights!
We worked with Daria for a few weeks and she was absolutely amazing! Patient with me and my hubby who desperately wanted to see immediate results! Her knowledge about sleep and experience in dealing with first-time parents were priceless.
She taught us what healthy sleep looks like, she helped us set up a sleep routine and what's important she helped me deal with my anxieties!
After having my second child last year I was much less anxious and stressed, Daria also helped us to established sleep routine with my daughter. She visited us when my little one was only a few weeks old, Daria made sure that we are doing everything we can to establish a healthy routine from the beginning. I can contact her anytime, which gives me peace of mid!
Wonderful experience and totally worth the money.

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