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5 stars review of Tina Southwood - Maternity Nurse in St Neots

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Absolutely wonderful

First time parents without a clue, having Tina as a maternity nurse was one of the best decisions we made.

On arriving home from hospital, day and night started to merge together with a continuous flow of feeding, burping, nappies, crying and ad hoc sleeping. My primary expectation from a maternity nurse was to keep my baby safe and well whilst we could sleep. Tina provided us with so much more than this. She answered any questions, offered supportive advice and crucially helped us to understand our son and the needs of a baby. At 8 weeks he started to sleep through the night. We were amazed. I didn’t believe her when she said it was possible to achieve at such an early stage but he started to sleep from about 9pm until 7am. This continued and, at 13 weeks now, we have a baby that sleeps easily and soundly throughout every night.

Tina enabled us to read our baby’s signs as to when he was hungry, tired or had wind. I found I was less frustrated than other mothers around me and I was able to really enjoy my new role.

Unfortunately now we are moving house for my husband’s job and I will miss not only the help, but also the enthusiastic, loving nature of Tina being around.

I believe Tina is of tremendous value to every new mother, and any care we seek for our baby in the future will now have very high expectations to live up to. If you are expecting parents or a new mother reading this, deciding what to do, the answer is simply, ‘Yes’.

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Response from Tina Southwood

Thank you so much for kindly leaving me this wonderful review. You have been so lovely to work for, and the realization that my time with you is coming to an end fills me with sadness. Although I can at least leave happy in the knowledge that your gorgeous baby boy is a very happy, contented little boy who loves his sleep!!

Also, his mummy and daddy can at least return to work feeling a lot less tired!

I wish you all the very best in your new home, and hope we continue to stay in touch.

Tina x