"Doesn't have work ethics and communication skills"

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Doesn't have work ethics and communication skills

I wanted to see the environment before we drop our 4.5 years old daughter to her house. She said that she is available and we can drop our daughter for settling. Due to an unexpected situtation, we had to change the shedule in our second talk only before we signed any contracts. She said it is fine and offered us a video call which we were only 30 minutes late as I was working late in the evening and asked my husband to do the video call but forgot to gave him the number. Eventhough she had my husbands phone number, she didn't call and after 30 minutes, my husband sent her a message explaining our excuse, but she replied and said that this is the third time we had changed the circumstances (which it was not) and she was not sure it would work and she could not cater a space.
After talking to her for 3 days, she suddenly changed her mind. I would expect understanding. I can not rate childminding service but I am sure that she needs to work on her work ethics and communication skills.

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Thank you for your review. I was half expecting this. You asked for a space for your child which I was happy to cater to, you then changed the days you wanted your daughter to attend which I was again happy with. I then went on to change appointments to meet with other parents as I would have your child in the setting and I prefer to do my meetings one to one to safeguard children in my care, you then changed the dates again which again I was fine with.

When I suggested we do a settling as your daughter is shy, you refused and said you had a very busy work schedule, usually I would not accept this as it is not fair on children for them to come into my setting without settling in sessions but due to her age I thought it may be a little easier for her so I helped you out and gave the benefit of the doubt and was still happy to help you for the short period of time you required me to have your child. May I add I would never usually accept a child without settling in sessions so if I wasn’t trying to help you I would have refused you a space.

You asked if you could call me so I gave you my number to talk with yourself over the phone, you never called. You never acknowledged my message until 9:15pm (these are not my working hours and I am not permitted to work unless it is for existing parents of children who attend my setting). You then asked if you could do a settling in session the next day which initially you refused. At this point I had already made plans which meant I would be out of the house with the children in my care which then defeats the point of a settling in session in the setting. I also don’t know how your daughter would have been so would have had to have cancelled the plans I made for the children. May I state again the children in my cares feelings and safety is primary, therefore I was not going to cancel activities which I had already told their parents we were doing and their children were excited.

After messaging me late the Thursday night you then asked if I could do a settling in on Friday to which you initially refused and I could not arrange for this to happen as I had made plans. I therefore suggested a video call you asked if the video call could take place at 5:30 so you could see the setting. This is a tricky time for me but I managed to clean the children up after dinner and have them ready for home time so I could quickly show you the setting and talk with your daughter and husband. He never called, he then messaged me after 6pm which again is after my working hours. I would not meet with new parents after this time so I therefore would not take a video call. I have my own child who goes to bed at 6:30pm every night and that is his set routine. I was not going to change this because somebody forgot to call me and expected me to talk after 6pm. Again May I add if your child was on my register this would be different. Yes I had your husbands number but if the agreement was for him to call me at half 5 I was not going to call him as I was working at the time.

I then said that I could not offer your child a space because in the short period of time we spoke through message you actually messed my business around too much. I am very professional and I take massive pride in how I care for the children I have on a day to day basis. I am hoping that all of my parents would be able to state that I have great communication skills and ALWAYS keep them updated on their childrens day as well as progress.

Again thank you for your review.