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Pavlina started looking after my son when he was 11 months old, and he is just over two now. Pavlina was a full time sole carer for my son prior to him joining nursery. Pavlina continues to work for us ad-hoc mornings and babysitting as and when she is available.

Pavlina would arrive very early in order for me to leave for work, she would get my son ready, prepare all his meals for the day, put him to sleep and care for him throughout the day. Pavlina would also help with household jobs for my son. Pavlina would take my son to classes, she would adapt and find new exciting things to do if the weather didn’t permit.

Pavlina is exceptionally caring, extremely patient and very gentle and kind natured. She has been a big part of my son’s life, she has cared for him when he has been unwell, she has helped us a lot when we have needed an extra pair of hands at short notice. My son’s face always lights up when he sees Pavlina no matter how long it has been, she focuses solely on the child she is looking after, they have a lot of fun doing arts and crafts, going for nice walks, the library, and reading books. Pavlina is always punctual, reliable and completely trustworthy. Pavlina has also been great at instilling discipline in a kind manner with my son approaching the age of 2. She is extremely adaptable to all situations. I would highly recommend Pavlina, she has been an absolute blessing to our family.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Shelinam about Pavlina on 07/06/2018