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What can I say about Natalie? Well, your child will be so loved, so happy and well fed!

We met Natalie through this website. Went and had an interview with her and she met our then 9 month old. He will be 3 in November and he is still there. My eldest has also spent time with Natalie as she has done babysitting for us and we usually get asked when Natalie is coming over again as she is lots of fun, mummy!

Whenever I do pick up there are lots of giggles and laughter with the kiddos seeing who's parent is at the door. They are usually all armed with food that poor Natalie has given them in snack time. I feel like I could give that poor woman a whole cupboard of snacks and it probably wouldn't equate to what my cheeky munchkin would have eaten!

Natalie's family are also really lovely. I think this is a big factor that people don't necessarily think about as her younger children are home after school hours and they obviously spend time with the little ones. Natalie's husband is also really good with the kiddos...unfortunately my little lad tends to know if he goes to him he can probably squeeze another snack out of him and Rob is great at interacting with the kids too.

I was so worried before I used Natalie. Previously I had used a nursery but with the expense with two close in age I knew I had to consider other options. I now feel stupid that I didn't consider it before as my youngest still has the same happy, loving environment that a nursery has, and if anything, due to smaller sizes he has had lots of one on one time that the nursery environment would not give him.

Natalie has also been an absolute godsend to us the past 6 months. My father was very unwell and I was needed at the hospital. Straight away Natalie asked how she could help. She even had my eldest because I knew I wouldn't get back until late. It's very rare you meet someone that will go above and beyond and quite frankly I find her care and attention to my little boy exceptional. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

I also have to add that she has been so good with helping me get my 2yr old potty trained. Thanks to her he was almost fully dry within a week! Wish I knew her techniques when I was potty training my first!

Look no further. Your fairy godmother is right here!

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