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Superb childminder!

Louise O'Brien has been my daughter's childminder since January 2011. I really can't say enough about how lucky I feel that my daughter is looked after so well by Louise. I never found a childminder when I went back to work with my son and every day he went to nursery I felt so down especially as he was upset for months. My first day back at work with my daughter I felt utterly happy and secure knowing that my daughter would be looked after just as I would look after her myself. We haven't looked back. Louise is the only childminder I have ever seen play so interactively with children. Before we employed her services, I noticed, at our playgroup she was always on the floor with the children and not busy chatting with the adults. She is organised, fun, takes the children on walks in the woods, always uses life as an opportunity to teach the children. She really takes the time to tell me about my daughter's day, all the ins and outs that I miss so much when I am at work. My son's nursery could only seem to remember what he ate and if he wee'd or not! Louise's house is lovely and clean and the garden is great for the children. She is also near a woodland and the children go for walks as often as they can. She is also firm and kind as a disciplinarian. We have chatted often about certain issues and I am always happy (and in agreement) in how she handles my daughter. One of my favourite things is that Louise also runs a before and after school club. My daughter loves being around the older children and they equally dote on the babies. I think it is very special and really feels like a family environment. I am more than happy to be contacted if anyone would like a reference!

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