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Amazing Childminder

Our childminder is the best we could have possibly found for our son. He was 10 months when he started and 2 months later he has learnt sign language and doesn't like leaving the childminders home. He has even stopped crying at handovers. Which is shocking as he is normally very attached to mummy but so reassuring he has settled in well and so quickly.

The Childminder has worked with us to ensure our son's routine stayed as it was. We have daily updates and do not feel out of touch with our Son. We are settled in the knowledge that he is in a clean, safe and loving environment. He is fed on time, has his naps on time and we honestly believe he is developing a lot quicker. He is aware of his surroundings and has developed strong social skills. We have noticed a significant change in his development, he can associate words like light and bird to the actual objects and animals and certain body parts like eyes and nose as he will pull his nose when you say nose or try to wink when you say eyes. It’s amazing how he does this and how much he has picked up at the Childminder’s.

Both my wife and myself would highly recommend Musarrat and her services. We have no complaints or issues whatsoever to date and trust it will remain this way. Above all, our awesome boy is a happy one!

Musarrat is very experienced and gives good advise regarding our son and his behaviour and development as he is growing up.
She is attentive and reliable and we have peace of mind that our son is well looked after and is doing lots of different activities on a daily basis. She has no TV in her home and I have noticed as a result our son isn’t really interested in TV and gadgets much (which is rare for children these days) and prefers more physical play and oh outdoor play as he gets lots of that at the Childminder’s also.

As working parents we both have demanding jobs that require us to work different times and dates each week and Musarrat is fantastic in accommodating our needs and helping in trying to keep our son in a routine and not let working life effect him.

She is helping with training our son to come off his bottle and drink milk from a beaker and also eat more independently. This is a massive help and weight of our shoulder as he spends a lot of time with other children and will copy what they do and comes home to us and will continue to do the same making the change from bottle to beaker so much easier. He is so much more accepting to change.

Tapestry (online learning journal) is fantastic. Musarrat will put regular updates on there with photographs. This enables us to be a part of his day and see what he has been upto. He is always smiling in the pics and does so many activities that I’d never think of doing with him at home.

We also have a daily book where we can write about what he will have for lunch any issues or requests and it’s so good as little things like he has had his nap and all his lunch or even how many dirty nappies helps us to understand our son and what to expect when he is home.

Musarrat really is fantastic in her role, she works so hard and you can tell she is passionate about her job and loves the children so much...no wonder her settle in soo quickly and come home smiling each day. We would be lost without her.

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