"Everyone Needs a Hannah in their lives!!"

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Everyone Needs a Hannah in their lives!!

We went on holiday to Cornwall and on one evening we were going to Rick Steins in Padstow so I took the huge nervous jump of posting on here. Hanah was fabulous, she contacted by email text and on the phone, Gave reference contacts and really put my mind at rest that I could possibly go out for a night without my 18 month old and 2 half year old.

hannah came to the cottage we were renting an hour before to get to spend time with us all and my clingy little 18 month old shadow was smitten from the start within a few minutes I called him through for dinner he got up came through, turned round went back and took Hannahs hand and brought her through with him. Hannah was at ease with the children in a house with 10 adults all getting ready to go out and the boys just loved her. As a mum leaving her babies with someone to hear them laughing and chuckling away as I left made me so happy and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my evening.

Speaking with Hannah before hand and then meeting her I felt Safe, I felt the boys were safe and that everything would be ok. Hannah has great knowledge of the area, is a driver and I felt confident that had a crisis occured (my boys can find danger everywhere!!) then they were in good sensible hands.

If anyone is thinking of having a babysitter or an extra set of hands on holiday then I would be more than happy to reccomend Hannah. A really positive experience!

Thank You

by josanfor