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With this lady you have to be very careful and record her every word. She is very rude and does follow guidelines even the ones she herself set. On the first day of looking after my child she took my child to A&E without informing me. Very very dangerous thing to do has my son has a medical condition if it was a real emergency his life will be put at risk which his Nurse too wasn’t happy about. This lady changes her words very second. She advertised she works Saturday 3 times I asked for her to mind on a Saturday which she was able to do. She lied about having childminder’s training on one of the days she should be minding my child she was seen at Westminster (house of Lords). She told me she registered a car with her someone it turns out she has no car. After 3 weeks she cancelled my contract( I’m happy she is a nightmare). There is an outstanding amount of £220 for her to refund to me and the moment I talked about this money she block my calls,messages and didn’t reply to my messages or email . I’m funded by the government I’m sure they will be on her case soon. Very unprofessional

  • 1 stars Overall
  • 2 stars Setting
  • 2 stars Cleanliness
  • 1 stars Food
  • 1 stars Communication

by about Rising S on 15/07/2019