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Ellie ( Eleanor) has been our nanny for two months after the C19 lockdown was lifted and she has been a godsend to our family. Ellie and her 4 year old son came to our house for 8 hours every day while my husband and I worked from home upstairs. She has been incredible. My two boys now 1 year old and 2.5 year old, absolutely love her, she was just fantastic with our family.

High level positive traits:
Ellie's creativity, soft spoken and calm demeanor, kindness, patience, professionalism, intelligence, teaching skills and overall perfect nanny.

Ellie came every week with new craft ideas for my boys - they made organic bird feeders from pine cones, pasta necklaces, animal masks and numerous other incredibly high quality artistic crafts that my boys loved. She regularly baked cupcakes, and helped my boys to understand about food. My 2.5 year old's speech improved immensely over the time that Ellie and her son were here. Ellie took the boys out every day to the parks, our local woods, and she introduced my boys to the local library which they love! The boys had a few bumps when out and Ellie was able to calm them and used her first aid experience to ensure that they were ok, and they always were. I felt really safe knowing that Ellie had the boys wellbeing at the front of her mind. She provided me with an update on the boys every evening and sent photos to me of what they were getting up to throughout the day out and about

Ellie has taught the boys how to play well together and taught me a few strategies for helping them to be great little boys. The house was always left spotless at the end of the day, and even when interrupted by me or hubby during the day Ellie was super professional and supportive.

Her son being with her added a dimension that I loved, it gave my 2.5 year old a friend in the Covid 19 pandemic and they have such a great relationship now. Her son was just the politest, kindest and wonderful little boy - he really helped to show my 2.5 year old how to play with our "baby" and my little boy developed a lot around things like toilet training, and being a "Big Boy" (his words) through following Ellie's son's example.

As a nanny Ellie was just perfect, she was like Mary Poppins to our family teaching us all things we didn't know we didn't know. Ellie is soft spoken and kind, her creative skills, her singing and reading are just brilliant - her cleverness, patience and ability to be calm in every situation is a fantastic trait, and the genuine love she showed to my boys means that we hope to always stay in touch and treat her son as a cousin that we hope to always be in contact with.
I was so delighted that I found Ellie on here and the support that she gave to my family has been invaluable.

MasterCard don't do nannies but if they did they would be Ellie.

Massive thank you to Ellie for all her help!

Note: My children's "normal" childcare arrangements were closed from March until September and that is the only reason that we didn't keep Ellie forever. We had agreed they would return to their childminders in Septembers when they reopened. If my husband and I were back working in our office we would have considered Ellie as our main childcare provider as she was just so wonderful.

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