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I left my son with Christelle 2 times and each time he stays with her for 90 minutes. First time he was ok but second time when I dropped him off he cried a bit. When I came to pick him up almost 90 minutes later he was screaming. She said he cried all that time and didn’t call me even though I asked her to call me if he doesn’t calm down. I left my phone on but she never called. Now 6 month later ny son will not stay with anyone since his experience with Christelle.

Response from Christelle Stephan

It's a shame that you feel this way and only just commenting 6 months later, knowing that your son came to me on a temporary basis. He attended in order to help you out while you took your older son to toddler tots, hence the 90minutes attendance. I have been a childminder for over 11 years and not once has there been any concerns with regards to how I manage the children in my care. Any toddler of 21months who has never been away from his mother will take longer to settle down than the other children. The second time in which you are referring to, he had just fallen asleep in your car and of course upset that he was woken up in order to come in my care. Yes, by the time you came back to collect him, he had started crying again because he was tired, however he did not cry throughout his 90minutes stay and was quite happy observing the other children playing. From my experience, since he was not in distress nor was he in any harms way I had no reason to call you. Thank you for your review, it is good to always read both positive and negative feedback from parents as it helps to improve my practice.
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