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He came to do a session with my children and was of poor standard. I watched him and he watched my son write and did some wierd eye test. I refused to pay him for what was a mockery and a scam and didnt tell me it was £30. He turned up to my door now recording me I was terrified.

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Response from AWalsh43

This review is grossly incorrect and unfair.

I was asked to come and assess a child in Key Stage One.

Before I attended the properly I had several conversations with the parent and my fees were communicated.

Upon arrival in the property I found a highly stressed parent who communicated marital troubles to me and who appeared overwhelmed and stressed.

I conducted a very detailed assessment of the child in question including a speech and language assessment, a phonic and spelling assessment, a fluency reading assessment and reading comprehension.

I also asked the child to conduct a writing assessment about himself. After this work we did some brain gym movements to renew the energy and to help ease the anxiety of the child,

During the entire assessment the child’s younger sibling was screaming and banging boxes less than a few metres away. The parent did not discourage the behaviour.

Half way through the assessment the head teacher of the child I was tutoring rang to give feedback to the parent. I listened to the feedback at the request of the parent who placed the headteacher on loud speaker.

Towards the end of the assessment I conducted a mental maths assessment and we worked on different strategies adding and taking away numbers to 50.

At the end of the session ended I did various tests including checking eye contact to assess if there were any SEN needs and I conducted a SEMH check in with the child.

The child was happy and proud of the work and I offered him lots of praise.

I doubt anyone viewing the entire assessment with any education knowledge would view my work as a mockery or scam.

It was at the end of the assessment when I noticed that the parent had fallen fast asleep on the sofa. This raised several safe guarding concerns for me.

After I woke the said parent I gave a detailed verbal feedback and inquired about which way she would like to pay my fee.

It was at this point she claimed not to know what my fee was. She hoped it would have been for half my rate which is clearly advertised on this profile.

It was agreed she would transfer the cash later that evening and that I’d return to do two sessions per week at an agreed discounted rate. This also proving what I say about my rates on the profile.

I left the property feeling very confused.

I tried several times to make contact with the parent to pay me for the work I carried out. I did call one evening to the property to try to reclaim the cash.

After the visit I was sent an abusive text from the parent and I contacted the local police station informing them of the said matter.

This parent from my experience is not to be trusted.

I wish the children the very best for the future. I hope the parent in question finds the correct tutor for her family.

I will not comment on this experience any further on a public platform.