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Sibel Nannying provided services for my family from February 2021 through the second lock down. This was an emergency plan needed to supplement key workers school children attendance were breakfast and after school care was temporarily discontinued. Sibel Nannying continue to provide child care services for my family when and as needed especially weekends.
From the first day of introducing Sibel to my 3 children aged 8, 6 and 5, l observed that Sibel communicated well with my kids and was keen to engage them in their play, especially lego building and art. Sibel is a talented knitter and is good at art work and my children quickly bonded with her.
Sibel works hard and is reliable and a good time keeper. She cooks well and earned the nickname pancake lady with my children as she makes the best pan cakes. I too had to learn a few tips from her pancake recipe. I am a single mum of 3 and currently studying full time at the UEA, and after a long day on nursing placements, l observed that Sibel after settling kids did jobs around the house e.g. folding clothes and tidying the kids bedrooms even without being asked. This was a blessing and very kind of Sibel.
Sibel is also brilliant at taking woodland walks with the children which l so much appreciated.
I highly recommend Sibel nannying services and have no doubt that Sibel will do a good job with your child/children.

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