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Chloe let me down last minute and left me without childcare. I was able to see past the morning she did not wake up and left me late for work but I am disappointed that she said she would no longer be coming less than 2 weeks before I started a new job.

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I was due to start this job in the middle of August yet the start date got moved until September. I was supposed to be working 27 hours a week over two days, yet I would be cancelled at short notice and given 1 or 2 hours work or none at all. I was then told I had to work less hours over the coming weeks and was told she has no work for me in December, January and half of February. I was told she was completing a uni course with practical setting hours not a new job. I need a regular income and cannot be expected to work less hours at short notice and not work for months at a time. Yes I did have an alarm issue one morning but would’ve only been half an hour late, however I was cancelled completely that day and the second day that week, which was unprofessional on her part. Human error happens, it was a genuine mistake of lateness one time. I have given this family two weeks notice of leaving but was sent an angry message and was told not to return.