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5 stars

Best childminder!


Marta is wonderful childminder. She welcomes us with a smile and knows well how to settle child if arrives upset.
Marta's childminding environment is rich of playful and creative activities and toys. My child loves playing with trains, however at Marta's house is willing to play with other toys as she provides good balance of activities. My child will happily follow Marta's encouragement to try new things. Outside environment is providing rich activities and my boy loves to be there. I am very pleased that Marta provides many activities which help my son understand the world around him: learning about caterpillar, learning about butterflies, learning about body parts, learning about different cultures.

At Marta's service there are more children and I am happy that Alan can form various relationships with other children. This gives him opportunity to learn social skills: sharing, turn taking, negotiating, communication skills and simply making friendships. I am also very happy that she takes children outside her house to different local events, such as: library sessions, playgroups, etc. This way my child can built confidence and self-esteem in relation to being around other people and children. Those events also let him to socialize with others, try new things and learn about world around him.

Marta follows the guidance 'Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage' and she knows how to support children's developmental needs and pathway.

My son is always happy at being at Marta! Sometimes he doesn't want to go home! I always know how was his day, what he was doing, how was his mood and behaviour, how was his sleep and how much he ate.

Marta is a STAR!

Thank you for all you does for us!

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