"Too Good and is True !"

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Too Good and is True !

When I was looking for a childminder for my 4 year old and came across Karen's reviews I thought she sounded too good to be true - but a year and a half on, I can say that Karen is Truly Too Good ! And she is true !!

My daughter had spent most of her school holiday times plus 2 days after school care with Karen. In addition I have bothered Karen with lots of random ad hoc pick up & afterschool care requests and she had never let me down.

My daughter loves Karen and so do we. She had not only been like Mary Poppins, Maria (sound of music ) and all the favourite characters kids love but she has also been like a Agony aunt , friend and a support for me too. She's like a mother hen protecting the children but also an amazing friend and family to parents.

From yummy cookies to, pumpkin carving, Christmas deco, Mother's Day cards, candles , home made pizza the list is endless in terms of activities Karen does with kids. In addition the holiday activities are fun packed and different with trips to aquarium , science museum, parks etc.

I can write a book about how amazing Karen is ! She's just too amazing !!

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