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My Summary

Part Time Nanny
Full Driving Licence
Ofsted Registered
DBS Check
Special Needs Experience
First Aid Training
Own Car
Newborn Experience

About Me

No longer doing Nannying. Happy to do care and support sessions with new parents from April onwards. 2-4hr sessions. Will update below soon.

Kind established & reputable Ofsted registered self-employed mature British Nanny. Bespoke loving care for your little one starting with me between 6 months - 2 yrs. Surbiton area. 1/2/3 days availability. I am first aid trained and DBS checked . All documents will be produced at 2nd Interview. I have been in the childcare industry for over two decades and have a wealth of experience.

Hello, my name is Melanie,

Please take the time to read my entire profile and possibly my reviews as only then will you know if I am right for you. I do not do shared care with other families, I do solo care so your child gets 100% of my devoted care and attention at all times. I am looking to start when your little one is between 6 months - 2yrs so we form a strong bond helping to lesson the effect of separation anxiety. I usually only stay with families until little ones are semi-independent, so talking, walking, eating on their own, confident Little People. This can be from 4 years or when they start Nursery.

Below are some references: my most recent may be in the “Review Section” my most recent Parent will happily take the time to speak with you & answer any questions you may have, as of course will I :)

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to provide a reference for Melanie Wingfield who has been a part time nanny (1 to 2 days per week) for the past 2 years for our family. She has had sole charge of our son Sebastian for those days (Sebastian has been aged 1 -3 years during Melanie’s term).

Melanie is an outstanding nanny and over the past 2 years she has become a part of our family and a close friend.

Some examples of the reasons we believe Melanie to be excellent nanny are:

- Melanie’s number one priority is the safety and care of the child. Our son has had some serious health issues including early onset of asthma and Melanie has ensured his wellbeing is paramount;
- We have trusted Melanie to take Seb to the GP on our behalf on occasion knowing that she will pass on all required information;
- Melanie provides a wide array of learning and development opportunities for the child. This includes various arts and crafts activities, games in the garden, trips to gardening centres, trips to playcentres, teaching vocabulary, numbers, shapes etc.;
- Many people have commented on how advanced Seb is in certain aspects of his development and we attribute much of his learning to Melanie’s teaching;
- Melanie has a network of childcare friends and therefore enabled Seb to socialise with other children regularly while in her care;
- Melanie has a firm but fair approach to behaviour. She has instilled manners into Seb and he has learned how best to behave with adults and children alike;
- Melanie provides home cooked food each week and even makes batches of food to freeze for him. She has always ensured he has a balanced and nutritious diet while in her care;
- Melanie provides regular detailed updates through the day including pictures/videos as well as a detailed journal documenting each day; and
- Melanie always leaves the house immaculate. She not only tidies Seb’s toys and clothes but when time permits assists with our washing/emptying the dishwasher which is most appreciative!

Melanie is very experienced in childcare and her knowledge has been invaluable to us as parents. She has acted as a mentor for other nannies that we have used and has also provided us with regular advice. If we have ever had a question on eating habits, toilet training, sleep patterns, speech or age appropriate toys we have been able to turn to her and she has supported us with her knowledge and wisdom, or indeed taking the initiative to research whatever the issue may. Melanie certainly always goes the extra mile.

Melanie is engaging, fun, enthusiastic, thoughtful and caring. Of Melanie’s strengths—and there are many—her greatest is her kindness. She is a lovely person to be around, and her warm character is always emanating from her and children are drawn to her. Seb has formed a great bond with Melanie and we will all miss her greatly.


To whom it may concern

We're delighted to have found Melanie and Olivia has developed such a special bond with her. 
We were faced with the upheaval of moving to a new house in a new area and changing our 20month old daughter Olivia's childcare arrangements for the second time in 4 months and it was a daunting prospect. We looked long and hard and were struggling to find someone that seemed right for Olivia. When we found Melanie, we knew we had found the ideal person. She was friendly and responsive when we first contacted her and was very honest and enthusiastic when we met her.
Olivia settled in very quickly with Melanie and over the past year and a half they have forged a strong friendship. Melanie has a great way with Olivia and has really helped her development, including helping her to walk, learning colours and even counting in French! Olivia loves spending time with her and it’s clear that they have a very special bond. 

Melanie was very flexible when our baby boy was born and agreed to take care of Olivia in her home for one day a week. Olivia called this a “Mi Mi Day” and loved spending time with her. Melanie continued to and photos throughout the day, which helped us to feel involved in her day even when she wasn’t around. 
Melanie is a warm, loving nanny with a gentle manner but with the confidence to give us her opinion and advice about how to handle the ups and downs of having a spirited toddler. She has so many great ideas about how to help Olivia cope with change and introducing gentle discipline when we were struggling to cope with those tricky toddler tantrums. 
We've really enjoyed having Melanie around and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a caring nanny who will support them in caring for and encouraging the development of their child. She helped us during our initial move to the area and then in supporting Olivia through the transition to being a big sister. I’m now feeling able to care for both children on Maternity leave, but I was sad to say goodbye to Melanie. Olivia will miss her! 

Thank you Melanie for everything! 

Reference form Past family

Put simply, Melanie takes away the worry about leaving your little one in childcare while you’re at work. My little boy took to her immediately, even at nine months he crawled straight over to her with a big smile and has loved her ever since. She has a great sense of humour, is full of energy and constantly plays games and sings to my son to keep him entertained, he needs quite a lot of entertaining! She takes a common sense approach, nothing phases her from teething episodes to high-speed toddlers which for a first-time-mum has been an invaluable source of help. One of the reasons she works so well for our family is that she really doesn’t need lots of direction day-to-day. She works very hard and is happy to just to get on with the things that my son needs whether that’s making sure he’s eating a variety of healthy foods, changing his cot linen to meeting lots of new friends at parks and playgroups. There aren’t many like Melanie!


Hope the above have helped, nothing quite like first hand knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to read those, hope you get a picture of who I am and what I am about. You may find more recent references in the “Review” section.

As your baby grows and develops so will their space. Quarterly reviews to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your babies care, progress and safe environment. It is an opportunity to forward plan, flag any concerns but ultimately work in partnership together towards the very best outcome for your "Little Sweetheart" (*.*)

My Experience

I have cared for babies from 2 weeks old and feel totally capable to cope with any eventually that should occur. I have cared for twins and premature babies and kiddies with special needs. From teething to weaning to toilet training, been there, done it all and lots lots more.I have records of each child I have ever cared for. I have up to date references. Having two children of my own generally indicates I have been through most traumas already! My eldest is now 23 my youngest 20, both still at home and around for a few years to come"hopefully!"

Working within Government Guidlines:

I do whatever it takes to keep your little one happy, safe and content, may be a walk in the park, a visit to the local library,a cuddle on the sofa reading a story or visiting friends with other little people to socialise with. I offer exclusive 1-1 care, TLC and loads of FUN, FUN, FUN! Bespoke care and attention with a keen eye on growth and development. EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage) is practised and recorded.
COVID 19 Guidelines are always observed.

We can visit toddler groups when eventually permitted, Rhyme time, soft play areas, music and movement classes, baby massage, again when permitted. My aim is to encourage your little sweetheart at a rate that suits them, gradually gaining both confidence and competence in the all important first stages of their little lives. I will be there when you are unable to be & I will try to ensure your little one remains healthy, happy and content.

On such occasions we go to the soft play/friends/farm when permitted we always take lots of pictures so we can look at them later, of course I forward them onto you daily too. Each day we have a plan but no problem if our plan changes, i am aware with little people things do not always go according to plan.... Each day I will forward at least 6 mages to your phone, maybe even a short video. I keep a daily diary to record the days happenings, events, moods and so forth. Good healthy food will be prepared.

Please take great care when choosing the right person to care for your child trust your gut instinct, works every time.

Happy child = Happy Parent = Happy Me!

My Philosophy

My philosophy towards caring for any child is really based upon the principle that each little one regardless of age is an individual who has various types of life experiences that have already help shape them into the happy little person they are today. My role will be to help provide an environment for your little one that is welcoming, stimulating and challenging. Because I am caring for your little one in your home I am of course respectful of your space and would always discuss any major changes before they occur.
My aim will be to provide your little one with the social, emotional, physical development to enable them to grow and develop to their full potential. I will strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive with your wishes and my suggestions.

Arrival & Departure
Upon arrival I will take a minute to settle in and assess the situation. This is your opportunity to inform me of any up-to-date information you feel is relevant. The daily diary is a two way medium and can also be used for information sharing. I am very aware you would like a swift exit but it is vital you always say “Good Bye” to your little one. Sometimes this can be a tearful experience but in time your little one will quickly learn to understand, you will return!
Upon your return journey I would appreciate a text to inform me of such, at this point I will get your little one prepared for your arrival and swiftly return your house back to the state I found it in ?
I will endeavour to make my exit swift as once you are on the scene I will no longer be required. Please do take the time to read the daily diary. However if I feel there is an area of concern that I do not wish to discuss in front of your little one and requires your attention I will follow this up with a text message. Please try and acknowledge this at your earliest convenience.

Our Day
Throughout the day I will try and follow a routine that ensures your little one is very well cared for and regardless of where we are, rest assured their safety and well being will remain my highest consideration. Our adventures will be exciting & plentiful and photographs numerous.
Meal times & snacks
Throughout the day your little one will be provided with drinks of milk and water. I will of course accommodate all dietary requirements your little one may have. Whilst settling in, future menus will be discussed and parents asked for their input and ideas and I will endeavour to elaborate on such and introduce new healthy foods along the way. Snacks will be offered generally twice a day and whenever possible will always be of a healthy nature (exceptions made at Parties & celebrations etc.)
Nap times
I will be guided by yourself as to your preferred sleep routine for your little one. However on occasions this will inevitably change due to illness, change of routine, age, outings etc. I will judge these situations and always act in your child’s best interest whilst also ensuring the best outcome for all concerned.

My Qualifications

When a childminder in the past, I was OFSTED REGISTERED Grade GOOD with outsanding practise in 6 areas. As a Nanny I do not get graded but at least the details below give you an idea of me and my background.

A member of the National Childminding Association, now called PACEY.
Previously a member of Kingston Childminding Association
First Aid for Babies and children
KCMA Business Course
Safeguarding Children Course Kingston Early Years
Health and Safety in your Setting Course
Creating a stimulating Environment (birth - Three)
Introduction to the EYFS for Childminders
The learning Environment & the EYFS
Moving on, supporting Children's progress
Exploring letters and sounds
Menu Planning Course
Creative Kids Course

My Training is always ongoing.

My areas of "Outstanding" Practise were:

The effectiveness with which the setting deploys resources.
The effectiveness of Safeguarding.
The effectiveness of the settings engagement with parents & carers.
The extent to which children feel safe.
The extent to which children make a positive contribution.
The extent to which children adopt healthy lifestyles

Remaining areas of Practise are all "Good"

The Curriculum


I will of course be using the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) the Framework is based primarily upon seven key areas of learning:
1) Personal, social Development
2). Emotional Development
3) Communication & language
4) Mathematics
5) Understanding the world
6) Physical Development
7) Expressive Arts & Design

The EYFS also has a principled approach; the principles which guide the work of all Childcare Professionals are grouped into four distinct but complimentary themes:

1) A Unique child
2) Positive Relationships
3) Enabling Environments
4) Learning & Development

On-going assessments are an integral part of the learning & development process. Throughout my time with your little one I will be making systematic observations & assessments of their achievements, interests & learning styles. Observations are then matched to the EYFS Matters. I then use both the observations and assessments to identify learning priorities and can plan relevant & motivating learning experiences for your child to participate & achieve in.
Great emphasis is placed on your little one learning through their play and self-discovery. Planning for activities is based on the stage of development your particular child is at and indeed what they are interested in and enjoys the most. Children at any age demonstrate patterns of behaviour; this can be used as a starting point for planning in order to further create opportunities that are personal and meaningful to them.

For this kind of expressive experimentation I often use natural resources such as pebbles, earth, sand, water, feathers, fallen leafs. Different textured fabrics, corks, items made from metal, wood, fir cones etc. As your little one gets more confident I will do model building, painting, arts & crafts, messy play.

Activities will be based both inside and out; our poor English weather will not prevent your child’s freedom of expression. Exploring their world around them is paramount in promoting wellbeing and instilling confidence into their ever enquiring minds.
I will keep you up to date with all my finding via two mediums. The daily diary & the 3 monthly reports. The latter will be produced in written format & discussed at our 3 monthly review sessions.

My Availability

My areas of expertise are babies 6 months to 3yrs but of course I have cared for the full spectrum of ages too :)

I rarely do school/nursery drop offs or before/after school care unless it is an emergency situation!

I am honest, reliable and Keep all matters confidential!

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Before School no no no no no no no
Morning no no no no no no no
Afternoon no no no no no no no
After School no no no no no no no
Evening no no no no no no no
Overnight no no no no no no no
Last Updated: 10/01/2021

My Fees

  • Nannying from £20.00 per hour (gross)

My working day is between 8am - 6pm

As a Nanny in your home my fee is £13.50 per hour. Parent support Coach £20 per hour. I am self-employed and pay my own tax.
I can work for 2 or more families throughout the week enabling me to be self-employed within the childcare industry.

Please read my reviews on this site, up to date ones added periodically.

I am passionate about good quality Childcare and whilst working in partnership with you my aim is to give you 100% commitment at all times.

It is very important that after we have met, if you do not feel I am the right Person for you, you are NOT under any obligation to take it any further. Choosing the right childcare is very personal and I am more than happy for you to see several other childcare professionals as well as myself, I encourage it. Only when you have seen a few do you know whom you do not want caring for your precious little one. It makes it easier for you to make a wise informed choice. If it does not feel right- Do NOT do it!

So, if you feel I may just be the person for you, just simply drop me a message with as much information as possible such as:

Age of your Little one
What days and hours you would prefer
Care to commence from?
Do you have family/support close by?
Helpful to know your location too :)
Do you have onsite parking/close by or permit holders only?

I will of course respond promtly and we can take it to the next stage.

Happy Parenting :D

My Documents

This member has provided us with electronic copies of the following documents that have been reviewed by Childcare.co.uk and are held on file. The documents have been certified by the member as being true and accurate. We recommend you ask to see original copies of the documents before you hire them in order verify the true accuracy for yourself. Find out more about checks & references.

  • First Aid Certificate: Emergency Paediartric First Aid (added 13/10/2020)
  • image/svg+xml Ofsted Certificate (added 13/10/2020)
  • DBS Check (added 13/10/2020)


Below are the latest reviews for Little Sweethearts. Please note that reviews represent the subjective opinions of other Childcare.co.uk users and not of Childcare.co.uk. Parents must carry out their own checks and references on childcare providers to ensure that they are completely happy before enaging in the use of their services.

My previous nanny unfortunately didn’t work out and then I found Melanie...she has been an angel. Kind, thoughtful and just an amazing nanny. Since Melanie arrived my daughter has got her confidence back - is happy to be left, is chatty around Melanie and other babies and is just so much more confident.

Melanie has so much love and passion for working with children I never had any doubt that my daughter was not ok. Melanie is so creative - plans lots of fun creative activities and ensures my daughter is stimulated and developing. My daughters language has developed so well in the past 2 months.

Melanie’s communication is excellent- she keeps a daily diary, updates with wonderful pictures and videos and lets you know how your child is developing. Melanie is naturally a warm, friendly and loving person - she’s very special to us - I’m so thankful to this site for finding her at a time when we needed her. I cannot thank her enough for what she’s done for us.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Katie G Katie G about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 19/12/2019

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 19/12/2019:

Thank you so much Katie for such a kind thoughtful review.

Caring for your Little Sweetheart has been a delight and the perfect way to see 2019 out. I have enjoyed our many hours together, the adventures we get up to, the friends we make along the way and hopefully a few more to come in 2020.

I am thrilled to have played a part in your lovely little family, you welcomed me into your beautiful home and have shown me nothing but kindness, respect and consideration.

I am one Lucky Nanny!

I am a new mother with an 11 week old baby, who like many new mothers was very nervous at the thought of leaving her little one in strange hands, so when I first met Melanie at interview stage, it was an enormous relief to watch her interact with my little girl.
On Melanie's first day I left Melanie with my daughter, and disappeared into my home office feeling anxious at how the day might go. As soon as I turned away, I could hear Melanie's quiet voice singing to my daughter and gently telling her little stories, and although the separation form the little one was hard, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders because I knew my child was cared for, and for that I was extremely grateful.
During the course of that first day I popped down to see Melanie and make sure everything was going well. I found Melanie sitting by the little one who was fast asleep busying herself folding my daughter's clothes whilst watching over her. It felt as though au auntie had come by to help out for the day and had quietly blended into the family home and routine. This was so unexpected and gratefully received, that I rushed up to my office to call my partner and tell him what I had seen and report that I had stumbled across Mary Poppins.
Melanie does have some rather Mary Poppins like qualities. She is delightful and cheerful and an incredibly reassuring person to have watch over a child. Melanie is patient (as much with nervous parents as she is with children), thoughtful and flexible. I would highly recommend Melanie and wish her the very best in her future role.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Natalie Natalie about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 18/09/2015

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 18/09/2015:

My dear Natalie

You have a likened me to Mary Poppins, a magical singing character with a wonderful way with children. What amazing words to bestow on me, such kindness and warmth behind your words. I really do appreciate you taking the time and effort to write a review let alone one so colourful and imaginative.

You have painted a picture with your words and allowed new parents dropping in to visualise who I am and what I do.

You are such a generous warm hearted person Natalie, it would have been very hard not to have enjoyed my time with your adorable daughter and goes without saying, you!

I am never far away. Xxxx

I had a wonderful experience spending time with Melanie and then leaving my 3 month daughter in her sole care whilst attending to appointments. Melanie offers a supportive role for the mother and is full of friendly advice and tips for caring for a baby, especially appreciated by a first time mum!

My daughter had a lovely fun day with Melanie, attending a class which included baby massage. Melanie, anticipating a nervous mummy, kept me updated with photos and text messages whilst I was away and when I returned filled me in on the day and had written a day's report of her activities.

Melanie is completely professional, with up to date references and qualifications and you will feel absolute confidence in her skills in looking after your precious child and keeping them entertained. She is warm, friendly and encouraging in helping you find your ground as a new mother.

I am completely confident and trusting in Melanie to take the best care of my child and look forward to seeing her again soon!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Butterry Butterry about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 23/01/2015

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 26/01/2015:

I can not thank you enough Julie for such a wonderful review. You know how important it is to me that new first time Mums understand my aim is to help and support them. You have emphasised this is all the points you have made and any new parent reading your review will no doubt feel so much more confident and relaxed about making contact with me.
I thoroughly enjoyed looking after your stunning little sweetheart, it was a pleasure to have the experience of one so young and for you to entrust her to my sole care! I consider this an honour, thank you once again.

Although I know we will meet again, I just want to take the opportunity to wish you and your little family all the very best for now and the months and years ahead.
Happy Parenting.

Melanie stepped in when I had no help from family or friends, I suffer from post natal depression and got in touch with Melanie when things were getting too much for me especially at a time when I was sick and so was my baby. Melanie stepped in at the last minute to support us. My baby was refusing solids and milk feeds and Melanie played an important part in his recovery and getting his appetite back, I was also able to get some rest too and some time for myself. My little one reacts to new faces but he instantly warmed up to Melanie.
Melanie supported me a lot emotionally as I have a lot of personal problems. She gave me a good listening ear. Luckily I have my mother in law to help me for now but will be contacting Melanie once again when I have no help.
Melanie played with my little one and helped at meal times so that I could also do house chores. I have often felt isolated and depressed and Melanie encouraged me to get dressed and go for a walk with her and the baby, she really encouraged me to get out more.
I am ever so grateful for all her help, Melanie stepped in to support me in desperate times where I felt ever so low.
I can't thank her enough- I never forget the people who helped when there was nobody else.
Melanie also bought foods to help baby's weaning to progress, she also bought toys too which was so kind and a bottle that she bought to encourage my baby to drink his milk again. I just can't thank her enough for all she has done. I thoroughly recommend her although want her all to myself!
She is so hands-on and offers plenty of advice. She even assembled our baby walker that we were struggling to assemble! Miraculously even got my fussy baby to nap by himself in the cot!
Thank you Melanie- you are an angel

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Minty13 Minty13 about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 15/01/2015

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 16/01/2015:

What a wonderful review to write about me! It is not overly often I am lost for words but somehow on this occasion I am..... So less is more.

????????????Thank you ????????????

As I have said to you already, I can only help those that allow me to, you opened your home, your heart and your lovely family to me. Asking for help is
the hardest thing ever to do but it is also the very first step to recovery. So very well done you. It will not be long before I drop by again so until then be safe, happy and well and continue to be brave. MXxx

Melanie is a fantastic childminder - highly qualified, very professional and has a really friendly and approachable manner.

Our daughter started going to Melanie at 9 months old and after only a few weeks, if not days, she was very happy and confident to be left in her care.

Melanie does lots of fun activities with our daughter and sends us photos throughout the day to let us know what she is up to.

She also fills out a daily diary which is a great way of communicating what our daughter has eaten, how many naps she's had and for how long etc.

Our daughter always greets Melanie with a huge smile and doesn't show any worry when we leave to go to work which is hugely reassuring. We have been very happy with the care and attention that Melanie has given our daughter and I'm sure we will continue to do so!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for LaurenAs LaurenAs about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 14/10/2013

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 14/10/2013:

Thank you so much Lauren for such a detailed and kind review.

These reviews are so important to other would be parents, parents can read the reviews of other parents just like them and can trust what they say. Thank you for caring enough to write how you feel.

Settling in is one of the mains areas of concern with most parents and you have managed to say how smoothly it all went for you and that your little one was happy and content within a very short space of time.. I would like to say on this point, it is very much a team effort, and I think we all played our part very well.

Your little sweetheart is a dream of girl and I really enjoy spending my days with her, we get on very well and long may it last.

I have the best job in the world :)

Thank you again Lauren


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