"Change not for the Better"

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Change not for the Better

I had been sending my boys to Clare since 2012 until recenlty when our contract for childcare was terminated without full notice. The reasosns given for this terminatiion do not ring true with myself and my husband, and we feel that after taking on several staff, who seem to just appear that Clare has taken on to much.

This used to be a friendly run childminding service and is now more a busy hetic business.

Such a Shame

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Response from PlayDays Nursery

In response to joannecox poor review that was noted about myself.

Parents, please note that due to our strict behaviour policies, we had no alternative but to terminate the boys contract. BOTH parents were notified of incidents that occurred, on one or more occasions.

We have been looking after the boys as stated above since 2012, and they were very happy and enjoyed every minute being in our care, and treated like one of our own. We found ourselves in a very difficult situation in having to terminate the contracts, but had to make the right decision that we felt best.

It was unfortunate that the relationship then has broken down, since terminating contract under the circumstances. We all feel let down by the parents comments.

We would like to wish the boys and family all the best for the future.