"It's the small things that make a HUGE difference!"

5 stars review of PlayDays Nursery - Nursery in Wickford

5 stars Reviewed

It's the small things that make a HUGE difference!

It's a scary time, as a parent enlisting someone to care for your child. However our fears went immediately once we met Clare, Ian and the 'team'

They have been taking care of our son for almost a year now and we are truly thrilled by the kind, considerate way in which our son is cared for.

One thing I appreciated the most was that Clare and Ian planned activities tailored to my son's needs which really helped with his development. In the months building up to him starting school they also made sure he was familiar with the route to school, the morning routine and even made sure he was confident carrying his own bags to school.....it's all the little things that make such a HUGE difference.

My husband and I always appreciate the texts and messages as well as the new newsletters that keep us up to date with new activities, policies etc.

Moving to the new site has been incredible for the older children (breakfast and after school clubs) and the facilities are outstanding.

Above all else my son feels safe, cared for and loved. What else could we ask for?

I don't think we thank you all enough for your hard work. You truly are all amazing!

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