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House keeping Sevice

Noreen had cancelled a few times and I had spoken with her that I needs someone who was a wardrobe manager, and could Iron and clean at the same time .
She arrived today and her ironing was great and that’s where it ended. Unfortunately I was asleep when she left. I sent her pictures of the work. She did not clean the shower( I had sprayed and left the brush, ) barely cleaned the room and bathroom . I sent her pictures and her “ if you don’t like my work, no problem “
Unfortunately I am unable to upload pictures here

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Response from Noreen

Dear Customer Support ,

I am sorry to hear my last customer was not satisfied with my work.
On the first Friday 2nd July I discussed with her over the phone that I will be moving house to Morden and than it would be easier to get to her place although it would be later in the day. When I messaged her in the afternoon and suggested that I could come next week she agreed and suggested Friday 9th July at 9 AM which is the date that I attended. I also got there on time at 9:AM on the dot. It is not true that I cancelled a few times.
On Friday 9th July I was expecting as per her previous text message to do 4 hours worth of work but when I got there she told me that she would like me to work some extra hours because there were a few extra tasks to be done on top of the ironing and child wardrobe arranging i.e. stairs needed to be cleaned, floors needed to be moped and bathroom needed to be cleaned also. She said that she will be paying me for the extra hours and I was happy with that.
As I proceeded with the ironing I realised that the number of garments and bedsheets and duvet covers were substantial and that the ironing task was going to take longer than expected. By this time the lady customer was sleeping and her husband was busy working from home. After a few hours he came and initially expressed some surprise of how long the ironing task was taking because he was expecting the ironing to be finished within 5 or 6 hours. When I explained and shown the large number of garments the husband admitted that things had been piling up because they were trying to find an house keeper for a few weeks.
I did my best and finished all the ironing to a good standard. That left very little time for the other tasks and by this time the husband was becoming impatient and stating that his wife would not be happy with the amount of time taken to complete the tasks. I asked if I can speak with the wife to check which of the tasks she wanted me to still complete or prioritize as not all could be stated that he will pay me for what I had done until then and that his wife will call me after she wakes up. She did not call me but only sent some pictures of unfinished items. I tried to make sense of her objections but my text reply was misunderstood because english is not my first language. I did not mean to offend her but when I tried to explain to her what I meant she blocked me straight away.

I therefore feel that her one star review is very unfair. As this was my very first job through this app and this is my only review my chances of getting booked for other jobs are severely restricted.

Please can you advise or help resolve this. Thank you.

Yours Sincerelly,

Rabia Noreen