"The dream of outdoor learning coming true"

5 stars review of StrongRootsChildcare - Nursery in St Albans

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The dream of outdoor learning coming true

Strongroots is much more than just a childcare. Its like a community of like-minded parents who believe in the importance of nature in kids development.
Having been a teacher for 20 years, I was looking for such a place for ages with no luck. Then one day I came across a post on facebook and talked to Suzanne ( the co-owner) to see if I could come and see the place. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw! A really peaceful and beautiful woodland filled with happy kids and happy mums playing chatting walking exploring. My daughter quickly ran to few play stations and started playing with other kids. Suzanne answered all my questions patiently without trying to talk me into joining (something very rare these days) and I joined straightaway.
The best two hours of the week for us was the little shoots sessions, the kids would happily and calmly play in fresh air, the mums would have lovely and friendly conversations with each other in a beautiful and gorgeous woodland. We would sit around at the end of each session, kids having snacks while listening to Suzanne’s storybook and singing.

Their kindergarten is also fabulous. A team of professional and kind teachers taking care of our little ones. I’ve always felt comfortable sharing my concerns with them and felt heard. I think in many nurseries there isn’t much we as parents can do except for following the rules. I personally had an experience with a very famous nursery, I had to stay on telephone line for 15 minutes every tome to just check on my daughter and see how she was! Or they didn’t allow any sort of settling not letting parents even at garden door to say bye to the kids! That’s why when I found Strong Roots it was like a dream coming true. I believe the kids who go there experience a real learning and happy childhood; they explore the nature to learn about life rather than stay in classrooms and learn about nature in books!

I cannot recommend this team highly enough.

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