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5 stars

Johanna, Our Top-notch Child Care Provider


Johanna was simply fantastic. She had this knack for effortlessly stepping into our chaotic world and bringing a sense of calm and organization that was much needed. She not only looked after our two-year-old son with a level of professional competence that reassured us, but she also brought a level of energy that could match his, ensuring that playtime was always lively and interactive.

What set Johanna apart though, was her willingness to go beyond what was expected of her role. She didn’t restrict herself to just child care, she was always ready to lend a hand around the house whenever we needed it. Whether it was tidying up the toys scattered in the living room or helping with the dishes after dinner, her assistance went a long way in keeping our home in order.

Her presence in our home was truly a game-changer. She managed to strike the perfect balance between being a wonderful child care provider, a great playmate for our son, and a helpful hand around the house. We can't thank her enough for the positive influence she's had on our family and the peace of mind she's given us. With Johanna, we knew our son was in good, caring hands.

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