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3 stars

generally okay but need improvement


Commented at the beginning of using her service in May 2022, now comment again fairly and truth after 8 months (not working with her anymore, she suggested) Nice and tidy house, price is attractive and negotiable, but hygiene is not stably guaranteed. Food for kids is not always showed but my elder son told me some time will be fast food like chips and pizza, but sometime food once shows with pictures will be fruit and something nice home made. Help nursery
drop off with additional charge (1 pm Fountain Montessori Colindale) but teachers reflected the nappies were always full and kids showed hungry. Used her service over half year but stop because of kid eye condition happened in her place (red and swollen, not severe), she didn’t think it was her problem and rejected to continue to help to look after kid before diagnose report, but refund was provided. No cctv in the childcare area which mean once conflict happened she will expects you to accept her explanation if you don’t agree she won’t want to work for you. Some improvements need to be provided and a little big arrogant attitude sometime should be changed, but mostly friendly and respectful. Price were required to raised (changed) after negotiated not long ago because of a raised of energy price and general inflation. 4 own children in her house, no assistance hired. Seems to not willing to listen to advice and thinking she is doing very well already. End cooperation comparably peacefully. Still someone can work with once really need help and for elder kids.

  • 3 stars Overall
  • 3 stars Setting
  • 3 stars Cleanliness
  • 2 stars Food
  • 2 stars Communication

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My working experience with mr Wang
I started working with Mr Wang on May 2022 At the beginning everything was fine (the price and timing). Then I informed him 2 week before that I am going holiday. When I returned from holiday, he already found another childminder ( permanently. After few weeks he wanted to come back and start working with me again even though the price was not sufficient for me but because both his kids were attending to my place and I give him discount. later he removed his elder son from my place without informing me, but still I was working with his younger kid with the same lower price. He used to drop his younger son most of the time when the child was unwell (not major)like cough or runny nose sometimes fever and I had a hygiene issue’s with the kids and discussed many times with Mr Wang, but unfortunately he was not helpful. I used to drop the child to the nursery, but most of the times they refused to take him, because of child’s situation ( unwell) I had to bring him back and informed Mr Wang. The last day ( I working with his child) when he dropped the child, he was fine, he had his breakfast, played very well, then he went to sleep, as soon as he got up, I noticed he got little puffy eye, I thought it’s because he slept well, when I dropped him to nursery, I noticed that his eye condition had changed. I informed Mr Wang about child’s eye condition. I explain the child eye condition to Mr Wang, unfortunately he did not believed me. Then recommended him to take the child to the hospital, but Mr Wang still wanted me to take care of child to my place without any doctors consultation, so I insisted to take the child to A&E and I refused to take the child without doctors consultation but Mr Wang was saying, it’s not serious and wanted me to take care of the child. That’s why he was unhappy.
when he visited the doctor, the doctor issued to the child antibiotics.

I always encourage kids to wash hands as soon as they enter my house and before and after meal and alway encourage kids to eat fresh and healthy meals. I prepare fresh and healthy food everyday. up to now I didn’t receive any complaints from parents about my hygiene or meals. I was sharing all the updates with parents that was needed. I am happy to get suggestions from parents as I want to work with parents in a good partnership, but I also have my own opinions and I expect to be respected as I have my own privacy. To be honest, just as a human being I did help him and his children more than a childminder does, Unfortunately he didn’t appreciated that.