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Warning others


I've never had to write a bad review before but I had such an unpleasant experince with Sarah that I feel the need to warn others. She took my children to one of our local playgroups and the organsier sent very long message warning me about what she saw there. She said Sarah was on her phone 80% of the time completely oblivous to what was going on, so much so that she missed when they'd fall over and cry. I was also told that she didn't comfort them in a nice nurturing way, was very cold with them it was like she didn't care. I wish I'd sacked her on the spot but she said that the organsier didn't make her feel welcome and so she was feeling insecure and looking at her phone (plus she said she was delaing with a dr phone appointment). Also she did seem like she was good with the children when I was there but clearly that must have been just an act. I thought I'd give her one more chance after speaking to her about the incident. But then she didn't follow or listen to hardly any of my instructions about what we wanted despite me reminding her. She applied for a live-in role with us but only slept here once and never moved any stuff in, and then two minutes before she was supposed to start work she just texted to say she wasn't coming in, no warning, communication or nothing. There is something v wrong here and I don't want anyone else to have an experience like this.

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Response from Sarah

Unfortunately, I was not able to work in a clean nor comfortable environment in this position, causing extreme anxiety and the inability to continue, which was communicated. Throughout my short time in this position, I was asked to work outside my hours, stay late and missed important deadlines because of this. When the parent did not like one of their children crying, they would put on headphones instead of comforting the child. I have the utmost love for the children I work with and this scenario was no different. The children need consistency and guidance which is clearly lacking and was very obvious. I was told by multiple members of a certain playgroup how these parents abuse their nannies and I did see that firsthand here. For example, I was asked to work 40 hours per week but was always asked to work above those hours as well as leaving late almost every evening. In addition, I took the children to multiple places in order for them to have different experiences (parks, museums etc) without a thank you. I paid for many things with my own money as well. Although, in my experience I was not working with the mother so I cannot say ill about her. The house itself was very dirty, the main reason I opted to choose to live elsewhere. There were ants and bugs in the kitchen area and there seemed to be no rules about teaching their children to keep any spaces tidy. Naturally, that is not something most people enjoy and I would find living in that environment not well for my mental state. I believe the reason, from my own experience as well as comments from others, they wanted a live in was in order for them to have the ability to overwork their nanny and expect them to be at their beck and call. When I said I could not work past my end time, I was told off because I was "expected" to get the children later in the day without any prior knowledge or agreement of this. New rules and expectations were made on the spot and I did not appreciate the handling of any situation. The parent expected me to make dinner every night, which I did with the exception of one night, and I was still told off because even on the days I was working until 1pm, I was told the dinner cannot be in the fridge? I am not sure what kind of miracles they wanted worked, but it was impossible. With regards to the playgroup incident, I did take a short and unexpected call from a doctor (not an appointment) and had love and warmth when the child did fall. There is a reason the children took such a large liking to me and it is because I provide warmth and happiness. They have had 4 nannies in 3 months and that should raise alarm bells as this is no coincidence. I wish the best for the children because they are lovely and deserve love and guidance, but absolutely would not recommend working for this family.