"We all love Carol :)"

5 stars review of Carol Benson - Childminder in Torquay

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We all love Carol :)

My husband and I both work full time.
After maternity leave I went back to work when our son was just 8 months old; it was very important for us to find someone experienced and trustworthy who will take care of our son when we can not be with him.
We were looking for a person with who we will be comfortable to leave our precious baby for most of the day. Safe environment was also a priority for us. We both agreed that homely atmosphere (not a nursery) will be the best for a little boy.

We found three childminders in the local area - but there was always 'something' which we did not like. When we went to visit Carol we knew almost from the beginning that she will be the right person for our little boy - and we were right.

Our son is 4 years old now and he loves Carol to pieces!
Carol taught him so much (she was even helping with potty training) she is always there with her advice and help. Sometimes when we as parents weren't sure what to do she always supported us and showed the best way for the child.

Our son is always happy and smiling when he is about to spend time with Carol. He is proudly presenting us his painting and drawings. He is never bored (and he is very active little boy). He is talking about his day, where he was and how much fun he had. He loves trips to Living Coast, ZOO and Cockington.

We can 100% recommend Carol!!
Sometimes we are joking that it is a shame that our little boy can not stay with her till at least his 16th Birthday ;)

by Anita Ma