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Amazing, trustworthy tutor!


Courtney has helped with our three children countless amounts of times, for a number of different reasons.
We have twin girls, one neurotypical, one with high functioning autism and ADHD & a younger girl who is much more severely autistic.
Courtney spent time with our children, getting to know them and understand they’re likes and dislikes, triggers, interests and fears. She spent time on a 1:1 basis helping one of the twins with school work as her attention is minimal and she was behind. Courtney quickly learnt how to cope with her individual challenging behaviours and ways to proactively avoid these from happening as often. She also went in to help at school, volunteering her time to go in at lunch times to support my daughter and ensure she was safe when school funding was lacking due to a delay in EHCP.
Courtney spent some quality time with my other daughter, taking her for little trips out to do things that might have been more chaotic with all three in tow.
She also spent a lot of time with our youngest daughter who cannot use functional language and is much harder to bond with. Courtney became a trusted person to our youngest daughter and we were actually able to use Courtney’s babysitting services which isn’t something that we’ve been able to do before, as she has huge attachment issues and won’t leave my side.
Unfortunately, Courtney has now moved out of the area but we are extremely grateful for the time we had with her and she’ll always be welcome in our house!