"The best nursery with the most lovely staffs"

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The best nursery with the most lovely staffs

Both my kids attended the gants Hill playgroup and we are bonded more like a family with the play group staffs.

My eldest was a very clingy child who never liked to interact with others except for me n my husband. I was super worried about her and decided to place her in the care of the playgroup. Nihan was so friendly, kind and patient in handling kids, which gave me confidence in leaving my kid with them. Since it was a huge change for both me n my daughter, I used to leave a crying child with them and step out crying my eyes out. Nihan had to comfort both me and daughter 😀. But to my surprise, my daughter quickly got adapted to the play group environment and was eager to go there everyday. I was able to see how my baby turned into a very social n confident young girl. She doesn't like activities related to fine motor skills. However teacher Nuzzat was very patient and encouraged her to write, paint and do other activities.

My daughter was very possessive of me. This got me worried when I was pregnant with my second child. When I expressed my concern to the staffs in one of my casual chats, they took it upon themselves to help me out. Teacher Nuzzat sat with my daughter every day and talked about how family works, what is it to have a sibling, the love of siblings and how to take care of a baby etc. My daughter warmed up to the idea of having a sibling and I was surprised to see how well she took care of my little one after he was born. I was able to feel the love she has for her brother right from the first moment she saw him. I am so thankful for moments like these.

The playgroup staff always are helpful, friendly and supportive. They treated my kids like their own. I was eager to get my youngest placed there as well when he turned 2. Like my eldest, my youngest also settled so well in the playgroup. He enjoyed the ambience there and the company of the staffs. They are still his favourite grown ups. Both my kids are so different in character but they loved going to the play group all the same. Special mention to teacher Dawn, Lena and Nuzzat who made my little one into a very confident, kind and independent boy.

Now that both my kids are off to primary school, they dearly miss the staffs who were like family to us.

I wish Nihan and all the lovely staffs very best. U will always have a very spl place in our hearts.

Few words about the playgroup setting before I conclude my review 😊 The playgroup was maintained very clean with a wide variety of toys that was rotated on a regular basis so the children get to play with different set of toys everyday. They also have outdoor garden area where the kids get to play everyday. The nursery also provided snacks in the morning sessions to the kids. So on days where my kids dint eat a proper breakfast at home, I wasn't too worried as I knew they will get to eat cereals or fruits during their break time. The playgroup have schedule planned everyday for the kids, so we will know what the kids are doing there. I never seen such structured activity plan in any other nurseries I had enquired before.

I am one very happy parent with lot of happy memories from the playgroup. I will keep recommending this play group to all my friends and acquaintance.

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