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We switched our daughter from her previous nursery to Childs Play because we felt she wasn't developing as she should. Changing I was the best decision we ever made. Our daughter was extremely shy and never spoke up for herself. The dedicated staff empowered her to find her voice and encouraged her to reach out for help when she needed it. The transformation has been remarkable-she is now more confident and communicative. In addition to her shyness, our daughter had several sensory issues. The team at went above and beyond to accommodate her needs. They wrote a letter to the local development center, helping us get on the waitlist for an ADHD and autism assessment. Their proactive approach has been invaluable. The nursery staff created a supportive environment tailored to her needs. They introduced a timer so she can have quiet time when needed and allowed her to wear headphones to manage sensory overload. These thoughtful accommodations have made a world of difference for her.

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by Avatar for KajalKol KajalKol about Avatar for CPNS CPNS on 26/06/2024