"Wonderful,loving and caring childminder"

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Wonderful,loving and caring childminder

My daughter goes to Mahvish since she was 14 months. It's been around 1.5 years of journey and it's been great. My daughter loves going to Mahvish aunty house . She keeps asking to take her to Mahvish house even during bank holidays if we have her home.Every time I pick my daughter I will be so happy to hear her comments knowing how happy my child has spent her day. She will send loads of pics and videos of my daughter and I enjoy receiving them.I have roughly 1000s of my daughters photos from Mahvish . She just don't do it for sake of doing . Every time she notices my daughter does something you can see it instantly in a video .

My daughter had poor eating habits , trust me she has so much patience to make sure my daughter eats properly.She sends me full video of my daughter eating since I told her am surprised to hear my daughter eats all food.Sometimes she packs my daughter's favourite food.

She loves the children abundantly and have a very charming approach.You can never see her in any different tone or mood. She is always warm, smiling and full of happiness welcoming when you drop the child or pick them back.This positivity will be seen in children.

She has lots of learning activities. I am a busy working mum and have never spent teaching any thing to my daughter . She has learnt all rhymes , shapes , colours, numbers, alphabets , fruits , veg identification. So there is so much learning while they are having fun.

My daughter loves all parties that Mahvish conducts. It stays in her mind for long and she asks for parties.Its a different feeling for them and
she loves to dress up and go.

This place holder will not be enough to write about this lovely lady . I would strongly recommend to send your kids . You will feel so strong that your child goes to right place , taken care well ,fed well, being disciplined well, thought well and more importantly loved so much .

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