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5 stars

Excellent, welcoming childminder


Maria was my childminder for both of my children. My daughter from 18months to school age and my son from 9 months to school age. The only reason that we had to stop using Maria was because she doesn't live near the school we use, otherwise I would not have hesitated to continue to use her.

Throughout the time my children have spent with her, they have been well cared for, well fed, well entertained and well behaved. She has a fairly strict policy for behaviour which the children adhere to and this helps to create the happy, safe and friendly environment that she has in her home.

There are many activities and visits that Maria does with the children and the things that she does at home are just as varied and well laid out.

Maria has been a big part of our lives until now, and we were very sad to have to leave her. We hope to remain in touch with her in the future.