"Unfortunately we were let down in last minute"

2 stars review of Jacqueline Murray - Childminder in Maidstone

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Unfortunately we were let down in last minute

I've contacted Jacqueline in July 2018, we've arranged first meeting to discuss everything. The setting, Jacqueline and her husband Ian were lovely. As it was all positive we've decided that we would like Jacqueline to look after our little one. We've met for a second time to confirm our situation and when we could start. We also filled all the forms, signed the contract and confirmed that we will give an exact time after our holidays mid of September. As discussed as soon as we came back from holidays I've e-mailed Jacqueline with exact date and she confirmed how the first days will look like. On 11th of October ( 4 days before agreed our sons 1st day with Jacqueline ) I've sent her an e-mail to ask if we can meet on Saturday to discuss exact time and confirm once again eveything that we've agreed before. You can only imagine how shocked I was, when I got the response, that unfortunately there is no availability! Jacqueline wrote, that she sent me a text ( 4 days after we were e-mailing and confirming everything ) and she didn't receive a response, so she assumed that we are no longer interested. Shame that the text was never received and if we were on the stage that all paperwork was signed, we were always contacting via e-mails I would be contacted via the e-mail again. However I wasn't and I was left with Good Luck. Now we were put in the position that both of us working & all recommended childminders have no availability ( that's why we were sorting it out in July!!). It's extremelly unprofessional and I'm still shocked. It's really a shame as I wouldn't say a bad word about what we saw on the meetings and I was really looking forward for my son to be joining Jacqueline's setting.

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