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Great Maternity nanny

We employed Cristina Grau from the 26th January to the 26 February as maternity nurse for our newborn, Rupert (born on 20 January).

Cristina has been amazing at helping us settle with Rupert ensuring he is fed correctly (including breast feeding), has a sleep routine and is constantly engaged. Within a short space of time, not only has Cristina been able to implement these routines successfully, but has educated both myself and my wife so that when she leaves we will have a better understanding of how to care for and interact with him.

While we read up on childcare during the pregnancy, we quickly realised that there was a huge amount of information and advice which often contradicted each other. Cristina brings reassurance and confidence to any questions, ranging from general high level care of the child to the detail including room temperature, setting up the baby monitor and car seat, things we have never actually had to do.

With breastfeeding specifically, my wife had a traumatic experience breastfeeding due to bad guidance from the midwives at hospital. Cristina was able to help her slowly and successfully restart breastfeeding and incorporate this into our schedule.

With Rupert, she is caring and shows him so much affection, constantly playing with him and teaching him (advising on books, doing tummy time, etc). We could not ask for a more perfect maternity nurse for him and he adores her.

Living with Cristina has been a pleasure - she has a great personality and everyone who has met her, warms to her instantly. Most importantly, it has been easy - she is never too in your face and knows when to give you private time with the child but is always on hand should you need it.

I have no qualms about recommending Cristina to anyone having or have had a child. We could not wish for a better start to Rupert's life.

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