"We'll miss you!"

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We'll miss you!

Luciana has been with us since our son was 4 months old. He is now nearly two. Sadly our living and travel arrangements have changed and the commute is now just a bit too far.

As a first time mother returning to work, I relied on Luciana for almost every aspect of our son's care in the first few months, seeking her guidance on many issues such as feeding, weaning etc. As such, she has played a key role in every aspect of our son's progress and development.

Lately he has been learning to talk and Luciana has been instrumental in teaching him counting and numbers, colours etc.

Luciana has a very calm energy, I have never seen her panicked or flustered. I believe this calm approach has been fundamental to the happy child we have today. She was never less than 100% focused on our son when she was with him and they have developed a very strong bond.

Luciana is very tidy and it was a huge relief to know that I would always come home to find our flat in immaculate condition.

I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of Luciana, who has truly become like a member of our family. I wish our circumstances were different so that she could continue to work for us! I thoroughly endorse her to whatever family is lucky enough to hire her.

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