5 stars

Very helpful!


Victoria enabled my husband and I to understand when our baby boy was tired, to read the signals and importantly to understand how to settle him in his cot. Any new parent will appreciate how important these skills are. Victoria offered us such valuable knowledge, we have used a qualified midwife and several highly qualified doulas, however when it came to routine and understanding sleep, when our baby turned right weeks old and I had established exclusively breastfeeding him and he had gained weight, it was the perfect time to learn from Victoria. Our little boy seems happier when he's awake now and enjoys that time with us. I carry him around less and have less aches as a result and more confidence in feeling I understand his needs. I would highly recommend Victoria if you are trying to establish some tips and practical guidance for healthy sleeping patterns. It will take hard work to persevere with changes to your routine but our little boy is now taking about seven naps each day which is a major change! Victoria has also been available to answer questions quickly and give advice to support us when she's not here. Learning to help enable your child to go to sleep when they are tired is wonderful, it doesn't always work immediately for us, but we have noticed a big change since we took the advice of Victoria.