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Childminder in Rainhill

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My Summary

Ofsted Registered
Special Needs Experience
First Aid Training
DBS Check
Full Driving Licence
Own Car
School Pickups
Childcare Qualifications
Tax-Free Childcare
Flexible Hours
Key Worker Childcare
I'm Covid-19 Vaccinated

About Me

Before and after school, for St Ann's and Rainhill Community Nursery, I live at the back of St Ann's school playing field in the heart of Rainhill Village, a few minutes walk from Rainhill Rail Station. There is free parking around the corner for Rail users. The children attend St Ann's Primary School, around the corner, and I give them their breakfast in the morning and then take them to school, pick them up in the afternoon and they come home with me for their evening meal. This means that the parents are not having sort breakfast before they go to work (and the children can eat their breakfast at their own pace), or to rush home from work to make their kids tea, as they've already eaten at my home (I remember when my two boys were at school and, as soon as we got home I didn't even have time to take off my coat and they wanted their tea!). I choose not to look after babies and toddlers as they naturally require more attention than school children do, so, in order to dedicate 100% of my time to my school children, I do look after those attending nursery for pre-reception year.

The majority of the children I look after are from personal reference of parents whose children I have minded in the past or mind currently (please check out my 36 fantastic references added by the children's parents at the foot of this page, which ranks me 2nd highest nationwide on this site) - Other parents views are obviously so very very important to someone looking for the right person to care for their child.
The children I care for range in ages from 4 years through to 10 years of age, and each one of them is very special to me. Some have been with me for nearly 7 years, some only a matter of months.

I have 36 fabulous "5 STAR" parental reviews at the foot of this page which have been volunteered by the parents of my children; the reviews will give you some indication of how well I look after my special little people.

To leave your child with an almost complete stranger is possibly the most important decision you as a parent would ever have to make - that's why you need to be comfortable and 100% happy that your are leaving them with a fully registered/CRB/DBS checked/experienced/qualified person who will be like an Auntie to your child, who your child will be happy and content with.

I am confident that I can provide those requirements. When you've read my page and the many reviews at the bottom of the page written by parents of the children I look after, and if you decide you want to discuss further, please feel free to call me and I'll arrange for you to come and visit me in my home.

My business is a school wrap-around facility. I do not provide daytime care except ad-hoc during the school holidays when I am available, or in an emergency. One month before any school holidays I will circulate, via email, a planner showing my availability, to the parents, who will advise whether they require any of these days. Obviously with so many children on my register, it is a ‘first come, first served’ basis with those in the under 8’s group.

I operate from between 7am to 6pm and am willing to cover other time for shift workers or emergencies.
I am registered with OFSTED and my last inspection was March 2020. A copy of my inspection report together with my CV and identity proofs/dbs are attached for your perusal. As it's a while since I looked after any young children (under 5's) I had a "no children on roll' inspection (although I had 6 after schoolers here) and I was rated as 'MET' which is the highest rating you can receive in an assessment where there are no pre-school children present. The inspector was particularly impressed with my proactive approach to training, especially in the "safeguarding" and "behaviour management" areas, and commented on how happy all of the children were.
Placed in the 'CORE' category by St Helens Council; this rating indicates that I provide a good contribution towards "my" children's development under the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage

I can provide My OFSTED registration number and a copy of my inspection report at interview.

I currently provide cover for:
St ANNE'S CofE PRIMARY SCHOOL- Monday to Friday - Before and After school
RAINHILL COMMUNITY NURSERY, Monday to Friday - Before and After Nursery

I have also had children who attend year 7 and 8 at Rainhill High School who walked to and from school and back to my home in the evening.

The children who attend my setting are in school full time and most of them attend additonal lessons at weekends. As a result, my activities and observations will be centred around, but not entirely concerned with, their social skills, british values of respect, sharing, caring, taking turns etc.

Each child is treated as an individual and during their first month with me I will evaluate their strengths and areas for development.

I see my role predominantly to foster in these children a sense of well-being and confidence to face challenges ahead and to have respect for their peers; indeed written feedback from parents is that when they have been in my care for a short time, they show more consideration for others and have improved manners.
Some children who are very shy and reserved at first soon join in with conversations, games etc and are settled in after a very short time which is very rewarding.

My childcare is focused on a 'home from home' basis rather than an after-school facility; the kids are treated as part of my family when they are here. I have a complete COVID-19 Risk Assessment and have very stringent hygiene rules which the children have adopted with ease.

I live with my husband, Hugh, (my two sons have both left home to pursue their future) and my cat Suzie, in the centre of Rainhill Village, just a mile away from junction 7 of the M62 motorway and two miles from the M57. Rainhill Railway station is a few minutes away and there is a free 'rail user' car park 2 minutes away. We live just around the corner from St Ann's school which is very handy, especially when the weather is bad, not too far for the children to walk.

I am 64 years old, and after taking (very!!!!) early retirement’ with over 31 years service as an IT Project Lead with Royal and SunAlliance in Liverpool city centre, I began childminding in September 2006. I have now been caring for other parents children for 15 years.

When I retired from Royal & SunAlliance, rather than do another job for the sake of it, I decided to something I wanted to do, which would be worthwhile and make a difference. My own childminder made such a difference to me when I was working that I was able to concentrate on my stressful job without worrying about the welfare of my children. As a result I decided that childminding would be the perfect way I could make a difference.

I have a fantastic relationship with the parents who appreciate my professionalism and flexibility plus I have great relationships with all of the children; one of them has even written a poem about me (which I have added to my feedback file!!) It's great when the children "sigh" and complain when their parents come early because they don't want to go home!

On days when I'm at school waiting for the other children, the ones who are going home with their parents that day will always come over to me and give me a big hug which is ace! I even get hugs from the children I don't mind anymore when I see them out and about

I wasn't always there on time to collect my children on time because of my demanding job; however, my childminder was very flexible and very, very understanding which relieved me of a lot of worry whilst trying to drive home on the busy motorways after a busy day!

I aim to do just the same for the parents I have as clients.

Because my boys are now adults and have their own homes, I can focus my attention on my "childminding" children whatever time their parents come to collect them. My Clients appreciate this flexibility as it relieves them of any added stress as they know their child is being well looked after.

I have been childminding since September 2006 and have cared for all ages of children from 3 months through to 14 years of age. I currently have 12 children on my books, all part-time: I type up my weekly schedule, for each term, in advance, for the regular children. Then I know at a glance whether I can fit in any 'ad-hoc' cover, good job I used to be a project manager in my previous role!!!!

My eldest Son, Thomas is 32 and is a time served Aerospace Engineer, currently working in Poland, with a large multinational company and is doing very well in his chosen career path. Michael is 26 and after obtaining a first class honours degree in languages; he spent a year teaching English in Doha Academy in Qatar and was very well thought of for his social skills and commitment. This year He's in Guangzhou, China teaching English and PE.

Hugh is 68, a retired Station Commander with the Fire Service, who now runs his own Company which provides Health & Safety Consultancy and Health Safety & Social Care Training. This is also an advantage for me in my capacity as a child-carer; our house is very very health & safety aware!

My house has had a full fire risk assessment and I have built-in smoke alarms installed on both levels; the children and I practice our emergency evacuations every three months; they know not to leave any shoes, bags etc in the hallway which could stop us leaving quickly if necessary - they all know why, which is great for their own personal knowledge of safety, although they don't like that they have to leave their shoes in the hall when we run out in our practices!

Before we both retired, Hugh and I were very active members of St John Ambulance and we were regularly out on duty in the ambulances, (I was the driver on the team) also providing support to the NHS as ambulance crew during their busiest times such as New Years Eve. This was very rewarding but also very demanding on our precious free time so when we retired from our full time employments, we decided to leave St John in order to spend more time together as a family pursuing our other interests.

During my time with St John, however, I gained a lot of experience in a number of areas which are valuable in my work as a childminder, namely First Aid at Work, of which I was a trainer/assessor, paediatric first aid, pre-hospital fracture management, manual handling and manual handling for carers, risk management, food hygiene, advanced driving, emergency driving and minibus driving. I have passed my tests in Response Driving, Advanced Driving (IAM - Institute of Advanced Motorists) and Minibus Driving (MIDAS - Minibus Drivers Association)

We are all avid golfers, Hugh and I are members of The Vale of Llangollen Golf Club, where we play as often as we can. We love to go on long walks and are founder members of The Rainhill Ramblers Walking Group.

We are also avid gardeners and in our spare time we enjoy membership of the National Trust and English Heritage

My Experience

Having brought up my own two children whilst working full time, in a very stressful job, I have experience of childminders from a parent's perspective which has proved invaluable to me as I can empathise with Parents and their concerns, whilst I aim to provide the best possible individual-focused care for those children that I mind.

I totally understand when it's simply impossible to leave work on time or get out of a meeting that's overrunning, or being stuck on a motorway in a huge traffic jam!!! Having been in that situation, I can appreciate the stresses of getting to collect your children on time-there is no hurry as far as I'm concerned, so long as the children are happy and their parents are "de-stressed" whilst driving home from work!!

The children I currently care for are schoolchildren (between 4 yrs and 12 yrs of age) who attend St Ann's Primary School in the village, and Rainhill Community Nursery. I also have a boy at Rainhill High School who's mum has to be in work for 8 am, she drops him to me in the mornings and he walks to school from my house and back afternoons when his mum is working late.

I have lots of excellent feedback in my portfolio which includes personal recommendations from the children as well as the parents!! If you look at the foot of this page, 36 parents have added their own reviews to my profile. I could write any number of policies and procedures but personal recommendation from parents can't be beaten!!!

The best recommendation I can have is when the children complain to their parents when they come early to collect them!

The children who arrive before 7.50 AM can have breakfast at my home and likewise children who are here till after 4.45 PM can have their evening meal with me and any of the other children who are with me. This has proved very successful where 'peer support' will encourage the younger children to eat and behave at the dinner table.

They will be encouraged to use a knife and fork and napkins when appropriate which I am told by their parents is a great help.

Indeed, recent feedback from parents is that their children's' table manners have "dramatically improved" since being with me and they eat food here that they have refused to eat at home!

One of my 5 year old girls usually reminds the others that "Sue says no joints (arms/hands!) on the table when you are eating"
Another child who was really shy to begin with stated "Sue said not to leave the table till everyone has finished and I haven't finished, with the emphasis on the 'I'. brilliant!

Several of the children I care for have very strict rules about what foods they can and can’t eat. I have looked after hindu and Muslem children who have rulevery strict rules about meat. I have had one with a very bad nut allergy, one with an egg allergy, one who is strict vegetarian and others who are generally 'faddy' eaters so I have to be very organised with meals and snacks!! I also had a child who has coeliac disease and so had to be very careful of cross contamination when preparing food for them all. Currently I have a child who is milk intollerant.

This doesn't present any problems though as I plan the week's menu (with the older children) for breakfast and their evening meal if required. the children call my menu 'the food list' and enjoy selecting their meals each week! We have special days when we experience a spectrum of foods from other lands, e.g. Chinese, Indian, Mexican (otherwise known as "cowboy food"!), French, Italian - the children love the variety and it can only be good for their own social development. On a Tuesday Morning, when the majority of my morning children are here, we have pancakes and bananas for breakfast as a special treat which they all love and for some reason arrive early on a Tuesday???!

The children themselves say that I am "quite strict" about manners and behaviour and caring for each other, but "very fair" and that I have rules because I care about them! They have their own sheet on the wall which shows their ground rules that they have agreed and written between themselves. They add to this list when they feel it's necessary.
I often hear the children confirming that manners are important especially 'please' and 'thank-you' "because good manners cost nothing and mean everything" which is what I try to impress upon them all, and I'm chuffed when I hear them repeating my phrases!

The children are with me for school run every day, all part time; I prepare a schedule every week; good job I used to be a planner in my previous role!

Because we have such a busy schedule through the school week, we keep ourselves busy with activities in the house when we have time (craft, cooking, playing games on the wii, board games etc) if it’s nice weather we will walk around to the local play park where the children can play together. If the children just want to 'chill' and watch TV then thats fine.

My car is insured for business use and I have public liability insurance. I'm also a qualified member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (I.A.M.) and have passed my driving test with MIDAS which is the Minibus Drivers Association. There is no need for me to drive to school as I'm only around the corner; however I will ask you to sign a permission slip for your child to travel in my car if an emergency.

As a 'gold' member of Childcare.co.uk I have access to all of their contract and support documentation which is invaluable to me and my clients. We will go through the documentation at interview and I will give you a copy of the contract documentation to take away and read at your leisure before committing to a childminding contract with me.

I also accept childcare vouchers in payment of fees and accept cheques, bank transfers or vouchers. I currently have accounts with EDENRED/ACCOR, COMPUTERSHARE, KIDDIVOUCHERS, SODEXO and FIDELITI

I am registered as a provider with this scheme, which means that payments can be made from tax free childcare allowances, where applicable

I require a week's cash deposit when we start our contract which will be refunded at the end of the contract. As this will eventually be refunded it cannot be paid using childcare vouchers or HMRC tax free payments

Invoices for the following month's fees are produced a week before the current month end, payable on the 1st working day. Payments for contracted hours are always required IN ADVANCE. Additional care provided during the current month will be added to the next month's invoice

My Qualifications

I have attached my CV which shows not only my qualifications as a childminder but also my professional background and attributes. Assessed in the 'CORE' category of childminders with St Helen's Council, the HIGHEST LEVEL ATTAINABLE
Registered for DBS Update service, number can be provided at interview
Advanced Driver (Member of Institute of Advanced Motorists(IAM).
MIDAS driver (member of Minibus Driver's Association).
Registered with ICO


Educare “Child Exploitation & Online Safety for Education,
Educare “Child Neglect”
Educare “Child Protection”
Educare “Child protection Level 3”
Educare “Equality & Diversity”
Educare "Improving Children's Development Through Play"
Educare "Online Safety"
Certificated by NSPCC in 'Safeguarding Young People',
Certificated by NSPCC in 'Someone to Turn To'
Certificated by NSPCC in 'Creating a Culture of Safety'.
Certified by CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)in 'Health & Safety in the Workplace'.
Certified in 'Moving & Handling for Carers' .
Certified in Food Hygiene - I have been inspected by the Food Safety Officer for the Environmental Health Office and was Passed at the highest level
Certified in 'Principles of COSHH' (Control of Hazardous Sustances)
Certified in 'Principles of Risk Assessment'
Certified in CIEH to Level 2 in "Fire Safety"
Certificated in Moving & Handling for Children and Young People
Childcare.co.uk/Webinar Introduction to the EYFS Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements
Improving Children’s learning through play (Educare)
Childcare.co.uk/Webinar Working with Reception Children
Preventing Bullying level 2 (Educare)
Promoting Positive Behaviour Level 2 (Educare)
Transition to school (childcare.co.uk webinar)
Equality & Inclusion in an Early Years Setting, Level 2 (Educare)
Supporting Children with SEND in the Early Years, Level 2 (Educare)
Supporting Early Language Development, Level 2 (Educare)
Understanding Children’s’ Rights, Level 2 (Educare)
Autism Awareness, Level 2 (Educare)
ADHD Awareness, Level 2 (Educare)
Dyslexia Awareness, Level 2 (Educare)
Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People, Level 2 (Educare)
Health & Self-care (Childcare.co.uk Webinar)
Health & Safety Level 2 (Educare)
level2 Health & safety in the workplace (CIEH)
Paediatric First Aid (14th April 2019) (First Line Training)
Food Hygiene & Safety Level 2 (Educare)
A practical guide to GDPR (Educare)
An Introduction to the GDPR (Educare)
Safeguarding Young People Level 2 (Educare)
Child Neglect Level 2 (Educare)
Child Protection Level 3 (Educare)
An introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation (Educare)
On-Line Safety, level 2 (Educare)
Recognising & Preventing FGM (Educare)
Chanel General Awareness Module (College of Policing)
Prevent Duty & British Values (Childcare.co.uk webinar)
The Prevent Duty in an Early Years Environment (Educare)
Fire Awareness (First Line Training)
Fire Safety Principles Level 2 (CIEH)

My Availability

FROM September 2021, I am covering school drop off/pick up for St ANNE'S CofE Primary School - Monday to Friday - Morning & Afternoon
I also cover Rainhill Community Nursery before and after Nursery.

I am happy to do just the morning drop off or just the afternoon pick up to fit in with parents work schedules.



I am available Monday-Friday 07:00 - 18:00
I can be flexible for shift workers etc and provide extended care hours for emergencies etc.
Standard hours are 07:30 -17:30 Monday to Friday
Non-standard hours (for which there is a small increase in fees) are before 07:30 and after 17:30 Monday to Friday

I take my main holidays during the school summer break, so no full weeks off during the school year; I do, however take odd days or afternoons, for which I would normally give at least a month's notice.

Free breakfast is available for school children dropped off before 07:50
Free evening meal is available for school children cared for till after 16:45 (unless we go to the park in the nice weather, when I will provide the children with sandwiches, crisps etc).

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Before School yes yes yes yes yes no no
Morning no no no no no no no
Afternoon no no no no no no no
After School yes yes yes yes yes no no
Evening no no no no no no no
Overnight no no no no no no no
Last Updated: 05/04/2022

My Fees

  • Childminding from £7.00 per hour

Payment by childcare vouchers are acceptable. I have an account with EDENRED/ACCOR, COMPUTERSHARE, KIDDIVOUCHERS, BUSYBEES, SODEXO and FIDELITI
Payment by HMRC Tax-free childcare is also acceptable
Any payments via childcare vouchers or tax free childcare payments must be paid into my bank account by 1st working day of the month, which normally means initiating payment by 26th preceding month. My invoices are usually sent out around 21st preceding month.

Fees must be paid monthly in advance, on 1st working day of the Calendar Month. At the start of our contract I require a weeks deposit which should be paid in cash - this will be returned at the end of our contract, subject to all outstanding fees having been paid


Minimum fees AM are £7 and minimum fees PM are £13 (till 17:30 hrs ), £16 till 18:00 hrs

My Local Schools

My Ofsted Inspections

The inspection grades below have been obtained from the Ofsted website based upon the registration number the childminder has provided to us. You should verify this information yourself prior to using the childminder.

Met (no children present during inspection)
3 March 2020
18 September 2015 - Met (no children present during inspection)
Show previous inspections
Hide previous inspections

My Documents

  • Full CV (added 07/06/2020)
  • Inspection Report: Ofsted Inspection Report March 2020 (added 07/06/2020)
  • image/svg+xml UK Driving Licence (added 26/06/2019)
  • image/svg+xml Ofsted Certificate (added 26/06/2019)
  • DBS Check (added 26/06/2019)
Request Document Access We will notify the provider and you will receive an email if they accept your request


Below are the latest reviews for Sue ONeill. Please note that reviews represent the subjective opinions of other Childcare.co.uk users and not of Childcare.co.uk. Parents must carry out their own checks and references on childcare providers to ensure that they are completely happy before enaging in the use of their services.

So happy that I found Sue! My daughter started school in September and she has settled in amazingly, it really is a home from home!

Sue has plenty of activities for the children to join in with before and after school, my daughter often comes home telling me more about being at Sue’s rather than what she’s done at school!

I highly recommend Sue, she has exceeded my expectations and I am extremely pleased with how happy my daughter is.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Lorraine Lorraine about Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 06/02/2020

Response by Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 06/02/2020:

Thanks so much Lorraine, I'm glad my little friend is so happy here, that makes me happy!

Wow, what can I say about Sue, she is just amazing, so supportive for my son & flexible for my work, as Cabin crew she helps me with my unscheduled shifts but more importantly she helped my son (who has additional needs) relax, trust and enjoy himself whist with her, can’t praise her enough

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for allie allie about Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 03/07/2019

Response by Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 04/07/2019:

Thanks SO much for this fantastic review Allison, it has been a pleasure to look after O and I will miss him next year when he goes to ‘big school’. Best of everything for the future and remember I’m always here if you need me x

My little boy has settled very well this year, his first year of school and I feel the morning/after school care has certainly helped, it’s much more personal than an after school club, a home from home and he has made some friends too. Knowing and recognising some of the older children helps in school as well.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for angiecat angiecat about Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 02/07/2019

Response by Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 02/07/2019:

Thanks Angie
A massive part of this looking after children is seeing them blossom, L definitely has this year and I’m so glad to have been able to contribute, I look forward to seeing him grow in year 1 x

Sue has been looking after our little boy since starting reception in September and has been a godsend. Sue was very professional upon our initial enquiry and during our first visit she showed us all her certificates/qualifications etc and was very welcoming. She even arranged a further visit prior to our sons first visit to make him feel comfortable. The children all love her and are very comfortable in her home and care. She treats them like family and gives them a good meal each evening. Our son has lots of fun and enjoys his time in her house. He often tells me I have picked him up to early as he’s been having fun. She is firm but fair with the children and they all respect her and her rules. She is flexible and has helped us out with extra days when needed and even at short notice. We’d be lost without her and are more than happy to have her rather than after school club. She definitely goes above and beyond!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Maria36 Maria36 about Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 16/04/2019

Sue is an fantastic childminder. She has looked after all 3 of my children over the last 11 years and all of them have loved going to her. She is professional, welcoming and caring and has provided outstanding care for all of my children.
Sue goes over and above to be flexible and helpful, I really don’t think I could have done my job without her. I would highly recommend Sue to anybody looking for outstanding care for their child.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Lindsey Lindsey about Avatar for Sue ONeill Sue ONeill on 17/07/2018

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