"Excellent support for bottle feeding"

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Excellent support for bottle feeding

I contacted Rosemary when I had hit a brick wall, trying to get my (by now) 4 month old to take the bottle. A friend's maternity nurse had recommended her. I thought I had tried absolutely everything - multiple teats, multiple attempts, trying to get others to feed my daughter etc. and wasn't particularly optimistic. Rosemary's confidence was contagious and she gave us fantastic practical and moral support. She spoke to my husband and me separately about how we could achieve this seemingly impossible task and was reassuring, sensitive and encouraging. I was impressed by how Rosemary knew just when to check in with us and could predict how my daughter might react, suggesting solutions at every turn. It was lovely working with someone who was entirely non-judgemental and who trod that line of emotional support and advice so well. I would recommend her to anyone!

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