5 stars

Best Nanny


Sheila has been in our family for a whole year. She started when one of my two daughters was 6 months old and the eldest was 2 years and 10 months. I am so happy that we met Sheila and can highly recommend her as a nanny. She has been such great help from the very start. She got along with girls straightaway, especially my eldest one as the youngest was still a baby. Sheila’s primary responsibility was to take care of my youngest daughter as eldest was already at nursery and she was very connected to me and my husband. As I wasn’t working and my husband worked from home we managed the routine for our eldest (pick ups and drop offs) and Sheila was looking after our baby. Sheila was cooking always for baby and sometimes for both. She cooked very healthy food and was weaning our baby gradually moved her to three full meals a day. Sheila helped us with the routine and made sure baby was napping consistently well. Our baby was very constipated when Sheila started and she helped us make sure that we reduce medicines that were prescribed and gradually stop it altogether by giving baby healthy food and balanced diet. Sheila would prepare baby food for the weekend when she had days off so we didn’t have to worry about it.

She is always on time and she rarely had any sick days. She was very considerate and travelled with us twice - to Europe and to Asia. At home Sheila was keeping girls’ rooms tidy and organised, laundry always done and the kitchen was always tidy.

Sheila is a very sincere person, she does everything with care and attention. She is very understanding and she is definitely professional. Sheila has a friendly personality and she is fun for kids to play with. My both daughters love Sheila and I always hear them laughs when they play. Having said that I want to highlight that when Sheila plays with kids she doesn’t overstimulate them, they laugh but dont scream.

We sadly had parted ways only because my youngest is starting nursery and my eldest is going to school so we wouldn’t need help as much anymore. Sheila was definitely the best nanny we have had! I am happy to speak to answer any questions if needed, i definitely recommend Sheila and can only says good things about our time together.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication