"Warm and attentive with excellent facilities"

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Warm and attentive with excellent facilities

When we moved to Inverness in May 2018 we had to take our 2 year old son out of the nursery he was happy in and I was very concerned about finding the right place. I originally looked for a nursery but Tina was recommended to me and we went to meet her. The environment was lovely and stimulating and clean with lots of toys and books. We loved Tina as she is so warm and personable and James took to her straight away. It is like a mini nursery at Tina’s and her sister Marion works with her and is equally lovely and fun. Between them they look after a lovely bunch of kids. They offer all the activities and outings at a nursery but also a good balance of structure and fun.

The thing that I liked most was that if your child has an off day they notice and are nurturing. My son isn’t a good sleeper and on an off day he will be bundled up on a beanbag with a blanket to watch a Disney film and have a wee nap. This is the sort of thing that just couldn’t happen at a nursery.

James is now three and loves copying the older children and playing with the little ones and it’s a really family environment. James loves Tina and Marion like family and I know he is happy and cared for much in the way I would myself. They really pay attention to his personality, what he is good at and what he likes and each day they complete a diary to tell me what he’s been up to and what he has eaten and so on. We get pictures and crafts to bring home. Little parties for special occasions and birthdays. I can hardly get him to come home!

Tina provides snacks/drinks/fruit and we take healthy lunch (Tina encourages no treats as they bakewith the kids - pancakes are a favourite - they they have these as a treat).

It’s all just worked out better than we could have hoped.

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Response from Tina Mac

Thank you Alison, kind words. Your boy is a wee smasher great fun to care for. X