"An excellent setting with very high standards of c"

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An excellent setting with very high standards of c

Our daughter has been with My Little Angels for just under a year now and we have seen her confidence, development and intellect skyrocket in this short space of time. We approached MLA as our daughter was 13 months and suffering with a really bad case of separation anxiety at another child minder she was with at the time. It was that bad that she was given her notice at the other child minders because she was so disruptive to the other children there. At our first meeting with Sharon at MLA it was apparent that she had a good knowledge of separation anxiety and already knew ways in which she could work with us and care for her which would enable her to overcome her anxiety. We could also see she was a caring person and was very personable and approachable. Within half an hour our daughter was already interacting with Sharon in ways which she had not with her other child minder or many other people in her life at that time.

A few months after she started she stopped showing signs of separation anxiety and it was obvious she loved going to MLA, Sharon helped her to completely overcome her anxiety, My Little Angels is a loving, nurturing, learning, fun and safe environment and now she does not suffer from separation anxiety whilst at Sharon’s or outside of the setting. She always has a lot of fun at MLA, she gets on with the other children, they always seem to play very nicely together and there are always new and creative activities being provided for them. Learning seems to be implanted into fun activities in a way which it should be in every aspect of a child’s life.

Since our daughter has been at MLA she has been developing very well in cognitive skills, speech and language, imaginary and creative play and social and personal relationships. She understands a lot more when we are talking to her; she comes home with new words and is starting to string words together. She has developed an extremely kind and thoughtful nature and is a lot more content to play with her toys creatively without the need to be entertained.

I couldn't recommend My Little Angels enough, the setting is lovely with a large garden and brilliant equipment inside and out. At 2 months away from her second birthday, our daughter is smashing down the development milestones and My Little Angels has had a huge part to play.

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