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Excellent nursery

What a fantastic nursery, from the minute you walk through the door you can see all the love that has gone in to this nursery. it is bright amd friendly and you feel welcomed straight away. Staff always greet you with a smile and are always polite. They each know the children within the setting and have a great relationship with each child. The children are always rushing to get inside, They have fantastic resources to give each child the opportunity to develope in all areas. The activities they do are always so exciting and the children seem to love exploring all the new activities they do. There is a wide range of resources to suit all childrens individual needs. Each staff member works hard with the children planning, tracking and helping each child develope in every learning area. They have brilliant parent partnership amd will always listen to any concerns you have, they will offer advice if needed and fully support each parent with there children. Nothing is every to much trouble this nursery and its staff would do anything to support there families. They have there own ICT room complete with a computer and Typewriter for the children to explore. The preschool children have group work each week to help prepare them for school. They work in small groups learning to write there names, recognise numbers and have some exciting science experiments. They use the childrens interests during play to help develope there learning making it fun and exciting for each child. The children have a fantastic garden area with a real boat made in to a sand pit, a double decker bus for the children to role play in and a forest garden. They have two rabbits that the children love taking care of, feeding and observing them. They even have a large mud kitchen where the children love to get messy making mud pies!!! The children grow there own fruit and vegetables in the forest garden learning how to take care of them, what happens to a seed as it grows and they use these fruit and vegetables in cooking lessons teaching the children what we do with the fruit or vegetables once they have grown. Each child always looks happy whilst at this nursery they are always interacting with each staff member joining in with activities and exploring the environment. I would highly recommend this nursery my children love it here and are always excited to see what is going on during the day. It is a fantastic nursery with brilliant and caring staff and fantastic management!!! At this nursery your child with have the best start in there education and this nursery will set a fantastic foundation for your children to thrive from.

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