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Excellent Childminder

Lisa has been looking after Will (who is now 14 months old) since January 2012. Will goes for four days a week and genuinely seems to have a great time whilst he is there.

It took Will a few weeks to properly settle in but I think that is only natural and given he had periods when he wasn’t well, is to be expected. However, although it was quite a difficult time it was made so much better thanks to Lisa, she helped us both through it. Whether it was good or bad, Lisa would keep me regularly updated on how Will was getting on, which was hugely reassuring. Her words of encouragement helped so much and made my return to work so much easier.

Will has come on leaps and bounds having been with Lisa. It’s great when he comes home having learnt the actions to a new song and performs them for/with us. He also seems very aware of other children and people generally and although he has always been quite a wilful little boy his confidence has grown. Will can be a fussy eater, but has dramatically improved and he is more willing to try things having spent time with Lisa.

The setting for childcare is excellent. Whenever I have had to go during the course of the day all the children seem happy and I am yet to see them doing the same activity! The variety of toys and range of activities is fantastic. Not only has one room been dedicated to the children in the house but there is also a purpose built outhouse. The garden is great and I love the idea that all the children get involved with growing vegetables. Lisa also has two registered assistants who are also brilliant and I very much get the sense that they really work as a team and all share the same ethos to childcare. Will also LOVES Harry the dog and Lisa’s husband Rob – It’s a tough call for who’s favourite!

I don’t have a massive support network (most of my family live abroad) and as Will is my first child it can be quite daunting at times, I feel Lisa is always there for me to sound out ideas and get a different perspective which is invaluable.

Deciding who is to care for your child is a big deal but I can honestly say that we made the right choice when choosing Lisa. Her home is always clean and welcoming (I don’t know how she does it). Having confidence that your child is being cared for in a safe and caring environment is priceless. Lisa is both kind and considerate. All the children seem to love Lisa and this simply speaks for itself.

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