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Fantastic Childminder!

My son Zack has been going to Lisa's 4 days a week since he was 13 months old, when I returned to work. I found the process of finding a childminder / nursery very stressful and difficult - it's such a huge thing to be giving someone your most precious possession to look after and nurture whilst you are out at work. HOWEVER, as soon as my husband and I came across Lisa, we both quickly agreed that she would be the ideal choice of childminder for us.

The facilities Lisa has at her home are fantastic and includes a purpose built out-house for the children, full of stimulating and varied toys, games and equipment and a sensory den, which they all love. She also has a good garden space and space at the side of the house for other creative activities, including planting vegetables and seeds.

It is clear when you talk to Lisa how experienced she is and that she has worked in a range of childcare settings over the years. I often ask her for advice and information and she has always been able to answer my questions and/or direct me to other useful information and resources. She will always take the time out to talk to you, despite how busy she is running her childminding business.

From day one, I could see the lovely bond she has with all the children there and this is such an important factor when considering a childminder. The children love giving her cuddles and clearly have great affection for her and it is obvious how much she enjoys the job she does. All of Lisa's assisstants are great as well and my son goes to all of them freely and easily and they also demonstrate good bonds with the children they care for. When I go and collect Zack, I always get feedback from one of the team about how he has been and they can always answer any questions I have.

Without doubt, my son has moved on developmentally so much since he has been going to Lisa's. Part of the reason I chose a childminder over a nursery is that I love the idea of the younger children all being mixed in with the older children so they can learn from them. All the children are taught to be very respectful to one another and the older ones know to be careful and look after the younger ones and it's lovely to see.

Lisa is understanding about any dietary requirments your child may have and always adheres to these. She makes nutritious and healthy meals and although my son can be very picky with food at home, I always get reports that he eats everything at Lisa's and wants seconds!

There are so many more positive things I could say on here about Lisa Newman. She is a fantastic childminder and very organised and committed to what she does and I am so pleased we have found her to help look after our son! Thanks Lisa and all your assisstants - you do a great job :)

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