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Unprofessional attitude

The communication via this forum was ok and I was hoping for things to work out but when it came time for an interview, this babysitter turned out to be quite rude and disrespectful over simple things that could have easily been sorted with a call. I was very surprised at such an unprofessional attitude, especially towards a parent by a prospective babysitter. I was taken by all the other reviews, and hence did not expect such behaviour, but appearances turned out to be deceptive.
I even told her I would be writing a review about this, she seems to have removed her profile from the website listing.

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Response from PATRICIA

I haven't met this person.
As this lady says, the communication was alright until the day of the interview.
Although I had asked her to give me her address, twice, she wouldn't give it to me , and sent me only her post code, saying I could find her place on Google maps with the postcode!
It was a flat complex !!!
How could I find her without any street name, property name and no flat number?
I just let her know, politely and never in a rude way as she wants others to believe, that I couldn't go to the meeting.

I have been on this website for 7 years , met hundreds of people and this is the first time that someone doesn't want to give me a full address, and her reason was that I was a complete stranger to her!!!
Then please, ask me to meet you in a cafe...!
She says that "simple things" could have been sorted out by a call but I say that it could have been sorted out with her texting me her address.
I honestly don't see what was unprofessional in what i did or said...on the contrary i think of myself as quite professional and this is why I need an address for an interview!!
I didn't think it was serious of her to leave me without important, essential, information.

She then harassed me with text messages for an hour :(( not showing much respect for future employees.

This person said in one of our first messages to me that she had met "strange" nannies who wouldn't take the job....Well I'm wondering who is the strangest here??!!!!

I have never removed my profile from this website and I have absolutely no reason to do so :)

My first bad review in 7 years...:)))Well, I wish I had never replied to her message in the first place....