"Wonderful, safe and welcoming setting."

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Wonderful, safe and welcoming setting.

My son has been cared for by Nicki for the past 2 1/2 years. My son has autism and adhd- it was partly due to this that placements in other settings had not been successful. Nicki welcomed my son and made it her goal to ensure his every need was met. In addition to this she attended further training to further understand his condition.

Trust has always been a struggle for my son but he trusted Nicki implicitly. He felt safe and secure in her home.

Nicki would always ask my son what he would like for his evening meal- something he always looked forward to. Even to this day he will often say “it’s not as good as Nicki’s”.

Nicki felt it was important for my sons development that he found an interest and hobby. She took it upon herself to research football teams in the local area. She even visited a training session to scope out the possibility of him attending. This proved a wonderful idea and his confidence and social development rocketed.

Education is of paramount importance to Nicki and she always made time in the day to ensure any homework was completed- or in my sons case try with all her might to encourage him to try.

Nicki would always work hard to arrange day trips in the holidays that all the children would enjoy. My son had an incredible day at a safari park.

I can openly admit that due to previous experiences that I can struggle with trusting people where it comes to caring for my son. I can say with my whole heart that I have never, ever doubted Nicki’s abilities to care for my son in a safe, warm and caring environment.

Communication and mutual respect was always a given and I’m glad to say we had a wonderful working relationship. I value and respect Nicki whole heartedly.

My son, at times made things challenging but Nicki never gave up on him and always did all she could to support and understand his needs and feelings. This is something I will always be eternally grateful for.

Nicki has always been flexible and understanding of my work and supported me fully as a single working mother.

I am sad to say our contract has ended, this is purely due to my son going to secondary school.

In a nut shell- if you are seeking a childminder who will always put the individual needs of your child at the forefront- Nicki is the lady for you. Truly amazing lady.

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