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5 stars

Outstanding childminder


Mary has been Theo’s childminder from the age of 6 months and we were very sad to hear her moving. Mary is a very warm and friendly person who is enthusiastic to provide children with the best possible opportunity to achieve their full potential in all of the 7 Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS).

In the time Theo was with Mary, he learned to make friends, he developed self-confidence and self-awareness. He learned to share and how to treat people with friendliness and good manners. Mary encouraged him to move in all dimensions (crawling, standing, walking, climbing and sliding!) With English being Theo’s second language, Mary made sure she talks slowly and clearly and Theo quickly picked up the English language, pointing to pictures and objects when asked in both languages.

Mary has quality and well thought off toys and books which made playing and active learning fun. She encouraged creativity and exploring. Theo loved the walks in the woods and trips to the farms and enjoyed playing doctor while he dressed up in a white coat and listened to the teddy’s heartbeat.

We were kept up to date with what Theo did in a daily diary and regular got photos of him being very happy in everything he did. Theo still gets out the photo album regularly and talks fondly of Mary and all the activities.

Mary provided a rich learning environment with stimulating resources in a neat and welcoming home with so much love and care. We would recommend Mary to any parent for the best child care, based on our and Theo’s experience with her!