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5 stars

A lovely wam lady who my daughter considers a frie


I hired Nuala for several weeks recently after moving house and waiting for Sheffield LEA to assign a school place. We both had flexible schedules that have worked well together.
My daughter has ASD and can be very particular about whom she likes to spend time with. She is excited every morning when Nuala arrives for playtime. Nuala is very calm, and patient and engages her with conversations and questions about what they are doing. I can tell my daughter is very comfortable around her from the noises I can hear from my office upstairs.

My daughter described her as a friend a few days ago, which is high praise.

Response from Nuala

Thank you, Rachel. I really enjoy coming to spend time with your daughter. I'm learning lots whilst engaged in play and conversation and developing connection. I always leave with a big smile and look forward to the next session. Thank you also for your big smile and welcome. I think we all work well together.