Public Liability Insurance FAQ

Qualifying gold members now get access to £5,000,000 of free public liability insurance as part of their gold membership. This page deals with some of the frequently asked questions about the insurance.

Who can apply for the free public liability insurance?

The free public liability insurance is available to all gold members who have an accepted profile listed in the childminder or nanny categories.

Do I need public liability insurance?

All registered childminders are required to have public liability insurance by law. Ofsted registered nannies are also required to have public liability insurance.

I'm a nanny who isn't Ofsted registered - do I still need it?

It is not a legal requirement for nannies to have public liability insurance, if they aren't Ofsted registered, but it is considered good practice and gives peace of mind and reassurance to both the family employing the nanny and protection for the nanny.

Does the insurance cover childminders and nannies throughout the UK?

Yes - the public liability insurance covers childminders and nannies living in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It also provides cover for childcare activities outside of the UK, but within the European Union, for a temporary period of time (up to 30 consecutive days).

Is Legal Expenses Cover included?

Yes - Members of our insurance scheme also receive free Legal Expenses Cover including a 24 hour Legal Advice Helpline. The free legal expenses policy provides legal assistance in a number of civil and criminal legal situations.

Does the policy include employers' liability cover?

No. The insurance covers public liability and legal expenses cover only. If you employ staff then you will need additional cover. However there is no legal requirement to have employers' liability cover if you only employ close family members. For more details see the Health & Safety Executive website.

I'm a childminder - can I use my own childminding contracts?

Yes. The policy does not require you to use specific contracts.

Does the policy cover babysitting?

Yes - If your are a childminder or nanny gold member then you are also covered for babysitting including babysitting in a hotel.

Does the policy cover trampolines?

No - The insurance underwriters consider trampolining to be a dangerous activity and therefore any liability occurring involving a trampoline is not included in the policy. Some NHS trusts say as much as half of all children’s activities which require a trip to A&E are following a trampoline accident. For this reason we highly recommend that you do not allow any children in your care to use trampolines.

Does this mean I no longer need insurance from elsewhere?

The public liability insurance available to gold members covers the EYFS legal requirements for public liability insurance for Ofsted registered childminders and nannies. If you require cover for additional risks such a employers liability or require public liability cover of more than £5,000,000 then you will need to seek alternative cover elsewhere.

Will I receive a certificate of insurance?

Once you've applied for the public liability insurance you can download and print the policy document as a PDF file from our website. You can also download your 'Proof of Cover' document which will automatically update each month if you remain a gold member. We retain a log of all members who have active cover and you can check your cover status online at anytime by going to

When does the insurance cover commence?

Once you've submitted the form on our public liability insurance page, you will receive immediate cover and your cover is automatically renewed each month as long as you remain a gold member and continue to qualify.

When does the insurance cover expire?

Cover is continuous whilst you are a gold member, however if you cancel your gold membership then your cover will cease from the date of your cancellation.

Who is the insurance provided by?

The public liability insurance is provided by Jelf Insurance Brokers Limited, underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited.

The legal expenses cover is underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited and managed and administered by Abbey Legal Protection on behalf of Markel International Insurance Company Limited.

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