Top Tips for Starting School in September

We have received a number of messages from parents who are concerned about how best to prepare their child for school in September during lockdown.

Life is exceptional and different for many at the moment ... especially with news reports going on about how children will ‘miss out’ if they don’t go back to school soon.

That children might be ‘missing out’ in some way is a ridiculous suggestion – your child is getting the best possible experience by being safe and healthy at home with you.

The most valuable things you can do for your child at the moment are to HAVE FUN and PLAY with them.

Playful interactions through the days and weeks ahead will help to prepare your child mentally, physically and emotionally for life in a busy classroom.

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Top Tips for Starting School

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Preparing your child for Writing

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Home Learning

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Talking about Weather

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Communication & Reading

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The journey to school readiness

**It’s a slow plod to the school gate**

**You don’t need any expensive props or special ‘starting school’ resources**

**You don’t need to teach your child to read and write - that’s the teacher’s job**

**You don’t need to sit your child down to do worksheets or workbooks**

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